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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

                                           Rivers Of Living Water      

Our Father speaks to us all.

O, the blessing of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer,

who gives us life and power to accomplish the will of the Most High God,

who is, and was, and will be, the Eternal, the Lord of Hosts. 


Our Father says to us, that He wants to take us up to the secret  place,

in which He dwells.

He wants us to realize now that we,

when we come before His throne of Grace, as He continues His purifying process

in us, beating out all the impurities, are beloved of Him.


We are in the company of the Four Living Beings, (Revelation 5:8) (New Living)

who cry out continuously to Him:

"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty,

which was, and is and is to come", and the Twenty Four Elders, (Revelation 5:8)

who fall down before the Most High God in worship,

casting their crowns before His Throne, saying:                                 (Revelation 5:8)     

"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for

Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created"


This is how God wants us to worship -  every minute of every day, as the

Living Beings, and the the Elders do.

We can constantly be before His Throne, but in REVERENCE.

We do not yet have crowns, as the Elders do, but they are reserved for us  


We have to learn to go deeper in our desire to know God.

He will take us there, through a new level of purity,

the casting off of every desire we may have.

Nothing of man, nothing of ourselves.

We immolate our ourselves on His Altar. (Sacrifice ourselves, that is give ourselves completely to the Most High God)

before the Most High God - the only acceptable sacrifice for those who yearn

to know Him.

His Son is the Pathway.

His Son in fulness, as we all know.

Christ as we repent daily, and show our desire to let Him live in us,

will clear every obstacle in our path to allow us the privilege of worshipping

with the Elders and the Living Beings.

We must desire this with our whole being.


As we desire what God desires, as we give ourselves up totally in continuous praise, thanksgiving, and reverence to the Most High God,

so Christ will smooth our paths to the Eternal God.

This is not a game we play as we know.


Our existence is in the heavenly places.

(Ephesians 2:6  And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places

 in Christ Jesus)


God tells us we can and do worship with the Elders and the Living Beings.      

But now we are still afar off.  

The more we desire complete union with God, through Christ our Saviour,

the more we will approach this throne of Grace.

The privilege all true believers and worshippers have,

is beyond the bounds of human comprehension.


God offers to us what Lucifer had and did not value.

We can be right there, before His Throne, behind the Elders,

in joyful thanksgiving to our Lord God.

We are now fighting Lucifer for the right to claim what was his.

We desire it earnestly.

He threw it all away for paltry power.

We are followers of our Lord Jesus Christ

- we are not trying to usurp God's Throne

- in humility we only desire to fall down before God,

with great reverence for who He is and what He is.


We fight for something which Satan (now no longer beautiful but vile,

and depraved) cast away so lightly.

We fight him to the death.


But dear brothers and sisters in Christ, God is doing His new work and IS empowering us all bringing us closer to Him in worship through His beloved Son

His banner over us IS love.

God said that if Satan comes near us (with His Son dwelling in us in fulness)

the love of God will 'infect' Satan and, like rust on metal, will eat through his skin

and that of his fallen angels.

Satan thinks of it as 'infecting' him because he is full of hate,

envy bitterness and all the viler emotions.


The LOVE OF CHRIST  cannot be defeated.


In spite of the walls of steel and the guardian angels, Satan will dare to approach us, but with the love of God he is defeated.

He cannot come too near in case it rubs off on him,

and he begins to shrivel up, until he becomes so small that God will pick him up,

and cast him into the pit with his fallen angels, and shut the lid on him.

Satan has more sense than to try to brush against the LOVE OF CHRIST.




The king James Bible translates Revelation 5:8 as 'Beasts'.

This gives a wrong impression. Living Beings is much better,

as these are important and very intelligent  creations, and not just dumb animals. (Beasts).

                             The End blue