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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God


                                                  Rebuking Spirits


I will show you how rebuking the spirits,

makes a tremendous difference to your spiritual growth,

because this is the basic part of fighting the enemy. 


It is all glorifying Me, and not self. 

It is all obedience to My Word,

and not going off at a tangent.


I command it for all. 


You will see that there is a palpable (you can almost feel the)

difference at your work.


I have given you calm and peace,

but now you will be able to see,

from what direction the evil spirit activity is coming,

and you will be astonished at it. 

You are not making this up. 

How could you? 

You do not know the hearts of the people where you work. 

Where the activity comes from is not where you expect.




Additional comments.


For a very long time, I have been emphasizing,

consistently rebuking evil spirit  activity.

I have explained it like a magnet attracting a nail.

The nail immediately becomes magnetized,

and it makes no difference how far one is separated from the other

they remain magnetized.


The hardest problem for most is that they cannot accept that their

own family, even their nearest and dearest can be affected in this way.

Some find it hard to accept that they can be affected by generational curses.

I keep stressing that this is just a simple fact.

The reality is that checking into your ancestry will soon highlight some unsavoury

ancestry. Ultimately if you find none, you will end up as ancestors of Adam and Eve.


It is nothing to be ashamed about, just deal with it.


As I have explained at great length, it is not a trivial thing to deal with

generational and relationship curses. It will directly affect  your  life.     







                                       The End blue