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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

                                               My Roar Of Judgment

Let  ALL hear  My  Roar,

Hear the Roar.  (We already know that this will seriously shake the whole earth.)

My Sheep have been herded. (gathered together, the reality will be seen shortly)

Those that have strayed will stay strayed. (Not obeyed but  doing their own thing)

The time has come when you shall ALL meet,

at My Appointed Time, and at  My Appointed Place.


Let no others distract you from your goal, which you  know.


You must be ready and willing to do  My every last word,

as the time, for which you have  ALL awaited, has arrived.

Even If My People will not heed  My Warnings, the time of reckoning has arrived.

Be ready there is no more time for Mercy.

My Justice will rain on  ALL who are against My People.

In getting ready leave no stone unturned.

Be solid and grounded like a rock.

My People there is little to no time remaining.

Murder is rife.

Sin is the life of the wicked, and  I will stand it no more.

You ALL will clearly hear  My   Roar.

It will shake ALL to their core.

No man will be left standing. (Long ago we have been told that even we will                                                                        be shocked by this, but we will have angels around

                                               us to protect us.)

This is My Word do not challenge Me,  if you think that it is not.

Pray for those in danger, and those who need help.

You are stronger together than far apart.

Now pray, and send this to Peter right now.

He will tell you clearly what it means,

but you will need help .





For many years I have stated on My website that there will be no N.W.O.

So I have been expecting something like this to happen very soon.

The N.W.O. have been absolutely panicking.

They know that they are running out of time.

The confusion is clear for us all to see.

I cannot  say that  I am surprised in the slightest.



                                       The End blue