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                               My African Children and Others


The world is deteriorating from one hour to the next.

I am giving signs but no one is paying any attention.

Everyone goes on in their wickedness.

How many Africans are suffering.

How many African children are without any food,

are homeless and without bare necessities,

but they do not complain about what Their Father is giving to them.

In their hearts they only have love for Me, their heavenly Father,

and their parents.

My True Family is in Africa.

They accept what I, Their Father gives to them,

and they still love Me,

and they help each other, what a people!

I will no longer allow them to suffer so atrociously.

I will no longer allow them to be treated worse than slaves,

by Biblical Israel.


The question has been asked, how could the Eternal God

give such suffering to His African people?




How much I love them.

I have a special place for them in My Heart.

The Bosom of Abraham is waiting for them.

Pray that soon I will let them come to My Bosom of Abraham,

where they will know happiness, and joy which they have never known,

and love and respect, which they could never believe could exist.

Pray that I let them come soon, so that I can terminate their suffering.

Pray with heartfelt sincerity, for My loved African people, who are suffering appallingly.


Pray, Pray, Pray, that I will bring to Me, all the deformed children,

those born with bodies destroyed by depleted uranium, white phosphorous,

and all sorts of chemical and biological weapons.


Pray, Pray, Pray, that I will bring to Me, all My people and children,

who are being tortured, and suffer all sorts of abominations.

Pray that I bring them to Me, so that they can know the many delights

of the Bosom of Abraham,

where they will know incredible happiness,

which they did not know could exist.

A Place where where everything speaks of love,

and love for their loved Father.

A Place, where there is no distinction  of Race and colour,

but each has brotherly love for the other.

They thank their Creator, worshipping and thanking Him,

who has put them there.

How they pray to Me, to bring their family to live in such a place,

full of love,  harmony, and rich with the love of God.

They cannot believe that they would be loved so very much

by their Eternal Father.

They cannot believe that such a magnificent place could exist,

where everything is love, happiness, and worshipping their Creator.

How they are praying that their dear friends, and all who are suffering

terribly on the earth, and that they can soon come

to the Bosom Of Abraham.

If you could hear the supplication to Me, to bring all who are suffering

on the earth to this beautiful place, where everything is love, happiness,

and thanksgiving to their loving God.

I am taking to Me, many of My children, who were starving.

If you could see them happy, and playing in Abraham's Bosom,

as they thank Me.


If you could see Abraham, his eyes are full of tears of Joy,

because finally his children are arriving in the Paradise of Eden.


They will thank Me, and worship Me, night and day.

Pray earnestly, that I will grant them their prayers.


Pray often for all My lovely children around the world, who are suffering.

Pray that I bring to Me, all My children who are suffering horrendously.

Pray for all the tortured people.

Pray for the orphans and widows, and others, who have nothing

to eat, and nowhere to sleep.

Pray for all My children who are suffering the many horrors and tortures,

at the hands of the pedophiles, and abuse by other perverts.

Pray, pray, pray that I will hold tightly to My heart all the innocent people,

who are suffering dreadfully, and that I bring them to the Paradise of

Abraham's Bosom, where they will find happiness,

that they have never known.



An important excerpt to remind us  of the Little Princess Rhema,

which is on the website:



My children are different. 

They are dedicated to Me, and to other people. 

They give their lives for Me, and other people, like themselves. 

They want to give their lives to save their friends, parents,

sick people, and others.

They want to see the smile on the face of their Father, friends, and parents. 

They give everything they can to save other children.

How many of you would give your life for a brother, a friend, or another human being?

No one.


By words all of you give your lives for others,

but by deeds, none of you gives his own life to save the life of another person.

Many of My little saints have given their life, with a smile to save other people.

How happy they have been to come to their Father,

and observe the growth of their friends!


They do not make any difference between friends, parents, and families.

For them, all are children of God, and have the right to live and be helped.

Learn from them.


Learn from My loved children.

My Princess is not the only one.

There are thousands and thousands like her,

and all of them are under training from Abraham,

to become part of the Manchild.

This means that very large number of children like Princess,

have died, from lack of all things and their spirits are now in ‘Abraham’s Bosom’,

which is also known as ‘Paradise’.

We are clearly told that these children will be at the soon coming

Marriage Feast, to Christ.


She has given Me everything she had to help others,

and every time she did that, her heart was full of joy and thanks

and Praise to Me.

She was imploring Me to save the person.


These are the saints.

These are My saints, and they are only children.

Do you now realize why I say,

woe to those who do harm to My little children?

There are many Princesses and Princes like her in poor countries,

especially in Africa and the Middle East.

How I love them!

I have prepared a special place for them.

Learn from them, and do like them.


Yes, I will use many of My loved children to be part of the Manchild.

How much you have to learn from them!


The very big question for you is, Will You Be There?





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