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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

             We Recommend  The King James / A.V. Bible.


Daughter, I will ALWAYS speak to you if you ask,

but listen, and don’t run away from the Rhema, thinking,


“Fine, I got some Rhema today so that is that.” 


You can print it out, or summarize it, and meditate on it.

I give it for your benefit, to educate you in My ways – physically and spiritually.

They are words of gold

– spiritual gold –

so they have not to be disregarded.

I know you do not purposefully avoid them or ignore them,

but sometimes do not know how to practise them

– that is where Peter always comes in. 

He shows you by how he acts, that he already does the things I am telling you. 


You are all getting situations in which to act, not react,

to benefit and instruct you, to see if you have learned

the lessons I am putting before you all.

Lessons I want you to grasp wholly. 

All will learn or they will not be part of the Manchild.


Take the coming week to go over Rhema I have given you which aids you

in your Christian walk, and see if you are putting it into practice.


Meditate, Meditate, Meditate, on everything I have given you,

and you will be fulfilling what I have said in the ‘To My Servants’ Rhema.

None of it is disposable. 


Be instant in prayer.  I did hear your prayer for Reg, and he does live, for now. 

My Mercy, daughter, is ever sure. 

I desire all to be saved, as I have said many times,

but remember, Death is a mercy when you consider the times ahead.


Be sincere, praying often, emulating Peter in all things,

because he is your teacher, and My Witness to the world.


Be at peace, and trust in Me in all things. 

Remember "The Walls Of Steel - Rhema", the angels surrounding you,

that  I am by your side, leading and guiding you when you submit yourself wholeheartedly to My will for you.


Type this Rhema and study it. 

Be thankful and grateful for My Hand over your life.


Your Father, the Eternal God, gives you, daughter, much grace.


There are two important points, that I would like to clarify.

Acting rather than reacting, there is a difference.

In reacting it is easily possible that  you can do something,

which cannot be reversed, and you have to live with the consequences,

or even die. It happens all the time.

Our adversary could tell you to jump in front of a train,

you are a believer, it will not hurt you.  The possibility is great that you will die,

or be seriously injured. There are so called Christian churches where the pastors,

play with real venomous snakes during the meetings to show their faith in 'god'.

From to time they get bitten and die !! 


The reality is that most times we tend to automatically react  during conversations,

or when we read something, about which we immediately might not agree.

We are being advised to first  pay careful attention to what is being said,

rather than blurt out your opinion. First  of al l we are told to listen very carefully.


Luke 8:18  Take heed therefore how ye hear : for whosoever hath,

to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not,

from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have. 


The reality is that many people are so busy speaking, that they do not hear what

is being said. Sometimes they are not listening at all, and they are just waiting for

the speaker to shut up, so that they could launch into their very important subject, which was their sole interest, in the first place. Remember that words cannot

be recalled after they are spoken. Although you might not be aware of it, the person

to whom you are speaking might have much better understanding than you have

ever heard on the subject. As we are now surrounded by gross lies in every quarter, this is very possible.

When you practice what this Rhema recommends, you will find that you are making

better and better decisions, instead of emotional ones. Never be afraid to say that

you do not know.

Check yourself on how much you have understood about what you have heard

or read. You would be quite surprised that often you got the completely wrong end

of the story.


The matter of meditation is this.

It does not mean blanking your mind out as many teach.

It means the exact opposite.

It means that  you carefully consider very diligently the subject or issue under discussion or which needs action.


We already have Rhema which tells us that we have to greatly improve in this area,

so that when real pressure is on, we are not reacting, but acting very quickly from sound experience, which is really based on the spiritual gold that you have been

accumulating, rather than some unsound emotional reason.


There is some previous Rhema, which was called  'Basic Preparedness'.

In it it states:


"Truly in the hour which is coming,  you shall need to be utterly

Ruthless and Fearless, and exceedingly quick to execute tasks with acute accuracy,

and able to deal often with large numbers of people,

using one decision in one moment.

This you are not yet equipped to do."


If you have further questions please get in touch with me. - p.j.





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