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Rhema:  I am melding You all together into My Body to serve Me.


My Warriors are coming from the four corners of the earth to serve

Me in humility and joy.

There will be great rejoicing at My Feast, My Marriage Feast,

The Feast Of The Lamb.

I call those who desire to serve Me, to set the captives free,

to go into the enemies camp and cause havoc, frightening

the demons, the fallen angels, and Satan himself,

by the power I put in you all.


All shall fall before you.


What you call out for in prayer and praise, I, the Lord God of Hosts,

will answer and the highest, strongest walls will fall at your voice,

at your shouts, like the walls in the book of Jasher.


(This is referring To the Battle Of Jericho when the walls fell down flat,

when ALL the people shouted as they were told to do.

Also found in) Joshua 6: 20  So the people shouted when the priests blew with

the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout,

that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city,

every man straight before him, and they took the city. {flat: Heb. under it }

(This literally means that the people did not have to climb over the fallen wall.

They could walk easily into the city as if the wall was not there in the first place)


Your Words will have power over all the works of the enemy,

to pull down, and to destroy.

None will stand before You, because you are part of the Manchild,

The Mighty Army of The Lord God Of Hosts.

All will tremble from the least, to the greatest.

before your shouts of praise.


Your victory in the heavenlies will be known by all.

Your might will go before you, and NONE shall stand.

It is the end of all iniquity.

You, My Warriors are there to give a witness, before the dread and

terrible day of the Lord, to bring comfort to the destitute and dying

and bring them back to life for My Purpose and My Plan.


I, the Lord God of Hosts, invest great power in all of you who serve ME,

to squash the plans of the Basest of Men, to naught.

They will cower and tremble, but they will still try to destroy you by

any means at hand.

The time for their judgment is now,

now when they can realise their  wealth is of no account,

that nothing can save them from My Wrath,

and they, will call out to you to intercede with Me, the Eternal,

as the fallen angels did with Enoch.


But I will not head their pleas.

Their sentence is death - now and forever.

There is no mitigation for them.

I cannot, and I will not, hear any defence.

The time of your coming into the light of day,

My Warriors, fast approaches.

Gird on the armour of My Word, be bound with My Truth, and My humility,

for the end of all things is at hand.


Your Father, the Eternal, Salutes you all, faithful warriors.

I will see you soon.

Much Grace   




                                                                                The End blue