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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

                                       HUMILITY  AND  OBEDIENCE


I am a God of love, the Living God, Jehovah.

My Word is magnified above all My Name, but My Name is Me:

The Most High God, the Alpha and the Omega, the Lord God of Hosts.

The God who fights the battles of His children,

those who serve Me in humility and Obedience.


Those are the key words  humility and Obedience.


How few actually adhere to them or even desire them.

ego is paramount.

There can be NO ego when you serve Me, Almighty God


I am the one to whom you look for advice,

for protection, for the very air you breathe.

No person can take My place.


I cannot have servants who think they know better than Me,

who bend My Words to suit their purposes, who say that  I have said

such-and such a thing.

It is a very serious thing to attribute to Me, words that I have not said or to misinterpret what I have said to please oneself.

My Words are clear.

My Words are to be obeyed.


The realization that by EVERY word you WILL be JUDGED and by EVERY word,

you will be condemned,

has got to be absorbed by ALL My Servants.

What I desire you to do in service, I and I ALONE, provide the means,

and the intelligence to accomplish.

EVERYTHING comes from Me.

I want to be:

the one you thank,

the one you praise,

the one you work for.              


I want to be part of every thought, every word, every action.

I want My Servants to be imbued (filled) with Me.


Everyone has got to turn away from the human instruments of My Will to Me,

the beginning  (THe alpha) and the ending  (THe omega) of ALL things.


How greatly you will all be hobbled  (hindered)  in the future ,

if you rely for one instant on a fallible human being


I ALONE will take you through situations and into places where NO ONE

but I can extricate you.

What use then is reliance on another human being?


Everyone stands on his or her own two feet, when they serve Me,

the Lord God of Hosts.


Be very careful.


Remember, the first will be last, and the last will be first.

You can do many things in My service, and still not be part of the Manchild.


I repeat, humility and Obedience  lead to true service.

Think about  what you are doing,

Think  about  what you are saying,

Think how you are acting, and how it is affecting others.    


Remember you are setting others free, not keeping them in bondage to you

or your imperfect imperfect understanding of  My Will for your life.


My Servants need to scrutinize their conduct, so that in all things

they glorify ONLY ME, not themselves.


Every one is a part of My Body, they are not lone rangers.

I have told each of you enough to know whether or not

you are truly doing My Will.


I set you ALL together so that each of you can help the others when

they are having problems, or are trying to run counter to My Will.

I, your Lord and God, tell you that you must stop this slipshod service.

Would you serve the Queen of  England, in the way you often serve Me?

You are ALL accountable to ME!

I demand more than you would offer to any human monarch.

What I have given any of you, I can take away.

( I always say never presume life or health, they can vanish in the blink of an eye)


There is no thinking that because of your service I will go easy on you.

I have told you this before.

It is ALL or nothing.

I want every part of you, and I want it all to serve Me,

Your total allegiance (loyalty) is to Me, Almighty God, the Eternal.


There is not enough dedication to My Will, desire for others to come into My Body,

or even prayer on their behalf.

There has got to be a turning away from self, and self-centered desires and ideas,

to the fulfilment of My Will for you.

You ALL have to do YOUR part.

I do not ask you to do anyone else's part.

Stick with what I have said to you personally.

Do you not know what you can achieve,

if you submit to one another in love,

if you cry out for others?

Do not be led astray by anyone outside this website group.

Pray for him/her but do not be put off course.

Your focus has got to be to stay on course, to fulfill what  I give you to do,

to stretch yourself in My service, giving praise to Me, and NOT attributing

your achievements to your intelligence, or your capabilities.


I  make a way for those who listen to Me, and obey  Me.


Do you realize how you can be blocking My Anointing of  you,

by your intransigence? (refusal to obey)


The accountability of My Servants is greater  than that of any church person.

You are to be an example to others.

You are ALL to lead the way, not be led by the nose by others.


In everything you can be judged by others, and that judgment then falls on Me,

Almighty God, because you say you are My True Servants.


DO NOT give anyone in the churches the opportunity to doubt My Word.

or to denigrate what  I do in you.


My Word is not to be thrown away, to be trampled underfoot.

I decide where it goes.

No matter how you desire others to know who I am, how I bless you,

NEVER  SEND anything to anyone unless I ask you to do so.


If you are to judge angels,

how much more must you be careful how others judge you,

because that ALWAYS means they can judge Me , the Eternal.


I  desire to be glorified by you.

There are always many others waiting in the wings,

who will serve Me with great zeal.

You do not see them as yet but I call many to My Banner.

Do not fall down at this stage.


Submit  everything to Me, in love and obedience.

Follow My Schedule for your life, not YOURS.


Let  prayer to Me, praise of  Me, the Eternal  God be paramount. (The most important)

You have to know My Word, live My Word, and be impelled forward by it.

It has to be an integral part of you.

So read it,

Imbibe it,  (absorb)

meditate on it,

and ask Me, the Eternal God, for Rhema on it to cause you  to grow

and be dedicated more than 100% to Me.


Be uplifted and amazed, I make your way plain and if you follow it,

your anointing will no longer be blocked, but plain for all to see.


You will serve Me in humility, as you desire.

Believe all these things and act on them NOW.

Fend the heavens with your prayers and see miracles happen.  

Love Me and serve Me  as I desire to behold you before My Throne eternally.

Your Father, who loves you, gives you Much Grace.



                                       The End blue