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            The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of The Eternal God

             We Recommend  The King James / A.V. Bible.

                                                                            Do Not Despair


Do not despair, but rejoice, because this is My Holy Day,

My Day of rejoicing.

Do not let any outside influence cause you to stray from the path.

Listen to Me, the Eternal God, and Me alone.


You are a positive daughter of a POSITIVE  God, and Saviour.


The world is going to get worse and worse because Satan will have sway,

but in the midst of it, you remain serene and positive because you know that

I am The One who saves.

You can do nothing.

You remain constant and true to Me for the sake of others to whom I send you.

You are each My Ransom for others.

You are purified and strengthened by Me to bring down the strongholds.


But remember, there is a hierarchy in My Army,

and each is placed where I, the Eternal God, put that person.

You cannot try to elevate yourself in any way to a position

I have not allowed you to occupy.


Think of the blessing to be part of My Manchild Warrior Bride.

Think of how I have chosen each one of you,

out of the billions of people on earth to be part of a victorious army,

servants of the Living God.


The Northern Army is on earth, only for a short time, at My command,

but each one of you has a part in My Eternal Work,

an honour far above all earthly honours.

Do you really understand the scope of it?

Do you really understand how I the Eternal God, with My handful of soldiers,

will change the world for ever?


Do not think I do not know what you are going through,

each one in his or her different  way.

But I strengthen you.

I let you feel only a little of the pain, the anguish, that  people are suffering,

so that you want to fight, you want, desire, with all your heart,

to be a part of setting the captives free.


You cannot understand the depths to which people have sunk

to fulfil their base desires under Satan.

You cannot experience the pain of torture, of loss,

of total despair, which innocent, and I stress innocent, people are suffering

now on the earth.

It is horror unimaginable.

But all these torturers, all these basest of men, of every sphere, high and low,

will see Me soon, and their fate is sealed.

They allowed themselves to be bought for filthy lucre,

but their punishment will be eternal damnation, suffering  and torment.


This is a day to rejoice, to thank Me for your calling, for your salvation,

to rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.


You are ALL worthy servants, cleaving to Me in the face of trials in your lives,

but overcoming and honouring Me.

I love you all.


It is not an easy path you have chosen,

but  I sustain and protect you all constantly, strengthening you for the fight.

Keep fighting My Warriors.

Your Father, the Eternal, who love you, gives you much Grace.


                                                                 The End blue