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††† ††††††††††††Breaking All Chains

†† †††††Setting The Captives Free


†††††† ††††††New Five Pound Note Curses You


By Peter James from:†† www.peterjamesx.com


Previously I have shown, that in addition to our own sinfulness,

that often our leaders say things, make laws, and carry out actions,

which result in us being cursed.

E.G. David Cameron said he was determined to export

gay marriage worldwide. This is in the Main Stream Media.


Now we have a situation, where once again we do not have to do

anything, in order to curse ourselves.


On the new £5 note underneath a picture of Churchill is the following:


"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat"



This statement is attributed to Churchill, but it was around before Churchill.

Here is some background.


The first occurrence of the expression that I can find in print is in,

Sermons on Various Subjects by Christmas Evans,

translated from the Welsh by J. Davis, 1837:


Christ the High Priest of our profession, when he laid down his life for us on Calvary,

was bathed in his own blood, sweat and tears. 


This is the related verse.


††††††††† Luke 22:44 And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly:

†††††††††† and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.


Evans, a.k.a. 'The John Bunyan of Wales' (25 December 1766 - 1838)

was an eccentric but widely admired preacher.

We can't now be sure if it was he who coined the phrase or his translator.

Either way, we can be sure that the phrase was in the language by 1837.




For many years, I have explained that the laws of the Eternal God,

do not apply to any particular group of people at all.

They apply to all people.

They are the laws that are necessary for the universe,

and for all life to exist, and to function.


Curses, work in a similar way.

Your race, sex, nationality, belief system etc., are irrelevant.


If you consider these words

"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat",

it does not matter where they originated, or who said them.

The note is clearly telling you that you now have in your possession,

a Satanic witchcraft curse, which can only bring you:

(1) blood

(2) toil

(3) tears

(4) sweat


As I have just stated, it does not matter whether you believe in such things

or not, you now have something, which is cursed, on your person,

and we need money to survive.


This is a very clever step by our adversary.

First of all most people will not even notice the statement, much less read it.

By putting a picture of Winston Churchill, the war time national hero,

on the note, above the statement, makes the statement seem acceptable.

It is simply a diversion.

That is all.


Very interestingly this is the first note, that we are told is long lasting,

and not easily destroyed.

Most people will not care one way or the other.

Millions will like it, and millions will not like it for many reasons,

but regardless of either opinion, the curse still exists.


The reality is that you were given the cursed note

in your hand, and you accepted it.

The fact that you did it in ignorance is irrelevant.


This is truly a great master stroke by our adversary.


The process to move us to using only electronic money.

This scheme is far advanced.

This is just another step in that direction.


Inevitably you are going to get some of these cursed notes.


So what can you do about this?


When possible just refuse them, or use them as soon as possible.

Of course this means that you will most likely remain with one or two

of these things.


You have to pray to negate all the curses, which these notes carry,

in Jesusí name, and by the authority of His blood.

There is no other solution if you have these notes in your home,

or on your person.


If you are an unbeliever, there is no point in doing this,

you can make the situation worse, as I have previously explained extensively.


I have not seen one of these notes myself.

I am grateful to teenager Connor, who sent me this picture,

with the following comments.

Thank you Connor.


I was just in a shop buying some things and was given £5 change which happened

to be the new note.

Intrigued, I examined it, looking for any sneaky, hidden in plain sight messages

and noticed a very blunt message.  

"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat"


Now you know what you can do.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† By Peter James from:†† www.peterjamesx.com††††††††††††††




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