This morning, June 21st 2015, I was told by the Eternal God,

that He had allowed me to have certain disturbing experiences,

so that I could appreciate, how He feels about the conditions

amongst those, who regard themselves to be His people.


This is not the first time, that this has happened, over the years.

There is no need for me to give any details at all,

except to say that, I was greatly saddened by what happened.

I encourage everyone to carefully examine themselves,

and see if they are actually doing, what they have been told to do.

Without making a single excuse.

Lest there is weeping, and gnashing of teeth.

No one needs to ask, nor tell me a single thing.


My two recent documents also deal with this situation.

The Jigsaw The Body Of Christ


Am I Worthy ?

Many other documents on my website, also deal with this subject.

I suggest that you carefully study, these documents, and be honest

with yourself. I would be greatly saddened if anyone falls by the wayside,

for any reason whatsoever.


I am seeing people panicking as I have said would happen.

There is no need for this, simply do as you are told,

and all will be well.