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                Can you lose the Holy Spirit?


By Peter James from:   


I was curious, if anyone has ever asked you this question.

Can somebody ever truly lose the Holy Spirit?

Yes, He doesn't  forsake us,

but is there something that a person could do,

(other than not listen and obey) to actually 'lose' the Holy Spirit?


This is an excellent question.

This person is ahead of most believers, because he understands

that the Holy Spirit is not a power, but it is a person.

Not a person of a Trinity, but Christ Himself.     


In reality this a very loaded question,

which is often put another way.

Once saved, are you always saved?

Many people believe this to be the case.

This means that ‘When you have the Holy Spirit’,

you have Eternal Life, and you cannot lose it,

as by definition it is Eternal.


The comment in brackets (other than not listen and obey),

is a critical comment, which cannot be casually passed over,

because absolutely everything that is required of a believer,

hinges on listening and obeying.


Listening and obeying, are not  add on items, for a believer.

They must make up the complete life of a believer.


It is because we do not listen, and when the bible speaks about

listening, it additionally means listening and doing, that we sin.


I cannot imagine something which is sin,

which will not fit into the definition of listening and obeying.

So the answer to that specific part of the question is ‘No’.


In practice, it is not only very difficult indeed,

to break just one commandment.

I would even go further, it is quite impossible,

to just break just one commandment.


When one considers any of the commandments,

I would say that you would at least break 3 commandments,

when you sin.


If you steal, (One commandment is broken)

You would have first coveted. (another commandment is broken)

You would have put another god, in place of the Eternal God, Idolatry.

(another commandment is broken)


If you commit adultery, (One commandment is broken)

You would have first coveted. (another commandment is broken)

You would have put another god, in place of the Eternal God, Idolatry.

(another commandment is broken)

You would have stolen, that which was not lawfully yours.

(another commandment is broken)

You would have dishonoured your parents.

(another commandment is broken)


Under the New Covenant all of the above examples,

can take place in the mind.


To have the Holy Spirit in practice,

it means that Christ is indwelling in us.


If we say, that we cannot lose the Holy Spirit, meaning Christ,

it means, that Christ has put Himself into a position from which,

He cannot extricate Himself.


Such a situation is totally impossible.


This is what King David says.

The translation does make it seem as if the Holy Spirit  is a power.:

Psalms 51:11  Cast me not away from thy presence;

and take not thy Holy Spirit from me.


If the Holy Spirit was a power, which was given to people,

by the Eternal God, it could also be taken from them,

just as easily.


There is absolutely nothing in the entire Creation, which the Eternal God

made, which He cannot destroy.

This includes the entire universe, including the earth.


2 Peter 3:10  But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night;

in the which the heavens shall pass awaywith a great noise,

and the elements shall melt with fervent heat,

the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.


Similarly, as I have stated in a recent document,

because something is spirit, it does not mean that it cannot be destroyed,

because even Satan will be destroyed.


Can Christ leave a person, whom He indwells as the Holy Spirit?

Most definitely He can at any time that He wishes,

because He is the Eternal God, and He can do anything at all.


Christ will not leave someone who is righteous, and faithful to Him.   


The question which remains, is this.

If because of unrighteousness, which means sin,

Christ leaves the person, is this person lost forever?


This is not necessarily the case at all.

The person will be given all sorts of judgments,

which will escalate in intensity,

to bring them back into line.

If all of the difficulties and trials fail to do this,

the next option is hell, where the most severe punishments,

will be given, again in order to bring the person to their senses,

and to repentance.

If hell fails, then destruction in the Lake of Fire, is the final option.


Hell And The Lake Of Fire Clarification


Deaths, Judgments, Hell & The Lake Of Fire


So the idea of once saved, you are always saved is not true.


There is one final, and critical aspect to this question.

Most people, who claim to have the Holy Spirit,

believe that they have been filled with a supernatural power.

They often would state, that their ‘Speaking in Tongues’,

is proof of this.

Speaking in Tongues is an evil spirit activity,

and so are all these abominations.


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The conclusion of the matter is that most people,

who believe that they have the Holy Spirit,

which is Christ dwelling in them,

did not have Christ indwelling them, in the first place.

Therefore they cannot lose what they did not have.


There is a great deal of evil spirit activity,

which masquerades as the work of the Holy Spirit.

Those, who are carrying out such things,

need to be exceedingly careful, like this pastor above..


My view is that,

to say that Satanic activity is the work of the Holy Spirit,

is the unpardonable sin, and the reverse is also true.

To say that the work of the Holy Spirit is the work of Satan,

this would also be the unpardonable sin.


The reason that the sin is unpardonable,

is that you actually deny the one, who can forgive your sin.

This is very serious indeed.


                                        By Peter James from: