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The Holy Bible Is The Immutable Living Word Of the Eternal God


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††††††††††††††† Breaking All Chains

††††††† Setting The Captives Free


†††††††††††††††††††††† Critical Questions


††††††††† A Composite Rhema With Comments


††††††††††† By Peter James from:†† www.peterjamesx.com†††


I am putting together a document about the current state of the world,

and what we expect to happen in the not too distant future.

In the meantime we have had the following Rhema,

which I am making available.


The first section is quite disturbing.

The Eternal God never asks questions in order to gather information.

It is always to tell us something that we should or should not be doing.

The question does not necessarily have to be related to a sin at all.

It can just refer to something that you should do.

We find this illustrated in the book of beginnings Genesis.

Here is the first example of Christ asking questions,

when of course He knew the answers all along.


Genesis 3: 9And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him,

Where art thou?

Genesis 3: 10And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid,

because I was naked; and I hid myself.

Genesis 3: 11 ∂And He said,

Who told thee that thou wast naked?

Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?†††


The following Rhema also has three questions, warnings and advice,

which can be regarded as commands.

Like the letters to the churches of true believers in Revelation chapters 2 & 3,

this is written to the genuine servants of God, and not to the world at large.




††††††††† Tell my people to be ready, for the time of waiting is almost done.

Those of you who are not committed,

(This is telling us, that some of us are not in the spiritual condition,,

which Christ expects of us.)

and ready it will be too late!


(We are then told, that the three critical groups besides ourselves, are all ready.

(1)My (Northern) army is ready on the earth, and

(2)(My army) in Abrahamís Bosom, (is ready)

†††††† (This point also confirms what I have stated long ago.

†††††† I believe that some of the spirits of the warrior bride of Christ, who have died,

†††††† will return and they will be part of the end time army of God.

†††††† They will have physical bodies, not glorified spirit bodies, but they cannot die again,

†††††† as we can only die once).

Hebrews 9:27And as it is appointed unto men once to die, . . .


(3)and My angels.


This is the time that we have awaited for millennia.

This is the beginning of the end.

Nothing is more important than your calling.

1st Critical Question: Is your calling and election sure ?

(We are told that we cannot tell the condition of another person.

Only the individual knows their condition.)

Only each one of you knows in your heart, if it is.


Some encouragement.


I am coming.

I am waiting no longer.


A warning.


The time has come to shut the doors.


2nd Critical Question: Will you be inside ?


More encouragement, and we are told the Eternalís desire for each of us.


I love each, and every one of you.

I desire that all of you be in My presence.


There are three criteria, which have to be met by each believer.


My angel is coming for

(1) those who are ready,

(2) those who desire Me, and

(3) those who love Me above all else.


In spite of what is happening around us,

we are told to rejoice.


Rejoice in Me, My people.

Rejoice in Me, always.


We are given the reason why we should rejoice


I am your strength and salvation.

I am your Lord and Saviour, there is no other.


More advice.


Cling to Me, worship and adore Me.

I am faithful.

2nd Critical Question: Are you faithful ?


To fulfil our calling we have to obey, and the result will be eternal joy.


For those, who fulfil their calling, great will be their joy forevermore.

I am waiting for all of you.

Rejoice always in Me.


Here is advice and a command.

This tells us that some of us are not where we should be.

Therefore we are told to sort ourselves out and get to where

we should be before it is too late.

This loops right back to the beginning of the Rhema.


Come, come, to Me your Father in Heaven loves you.





Everything is ready and it will not be late.

It is question of hours. (Meaning a relatively short period of time.)


A lot of work is awaiting you, and Martine,

and you will bring Me many people.


I have said many times, that there will again be never so terrible times

†††††††† like My great judgement, because My fury is great,

†††††††† because of the immense tortures, atrocities and abominations.


††††††††† I have warned about this some time ago, but it also includes

††††††††† the fact that electricity will no longer be available.


Very soon the telephones and the internet will not function anymore

and the people will be in panic.


I have also previously stated that the Eternal God will provide us

with a secure system of communication, which cannot be intercepted or jammed.

I have already experienced that electronic gadgets have been unable to locate me.

One organisation, which wanted to sell me software to identify, who was spying on me

supposedly in real time, could not even find that I exist, much less anything else.

Additionally SatNav equipment failed, and there was no trace of my address on Google earth.

I am always encouraging everyone to communicate, whilst it is relatively easy to do so.

I assure you that it is becoming more difficult every single day.

I had to replace my whole phone system, and it was not that old.†††


The Italian forum has been pulled down twice recently.

For two days the website stats have registered 0 for all stats.


But you will be in communication through My Spirit.


How many people will look in vain for Peter, and they will regret not to have listened

to him before, but then it will be too late.




Many years ago we were warned to be very careful and diligent,

because there are people waiting in the wings to replace each and every one of us.

Yesterday 2./11/14, I met one such person.

My neighbour knocked on my door with a young man who had come to repair

her central heating system. As our houses are similar he wanted to view my heating system,

just to confirm that the piping has been completely messed up. He quickly saw that the ladyís

home had as it were, been vandalised, by the previous plumbers.

On his way out he asked me what I did.

I told him that I was retired, and I run a very large website.

He wanted to know more.

The lady went back to her home, and he stayed with me for the next three hours.

He asked all sorts of excellent questions.

In 3 hours you can explain a great deal, and I did.

He understood all of it immediately. Both of us understood that it was a

God ordained meeting. Subjects that others have found hard to understand,

he understood straight away. His attitude was quite unbelievable.

Now I have 8 Ė 10 year olds who are excellent, and a young man in his late 30ís I think,

who is ready to run right now.


Be careful not to let yourself become a victim, who is replaced by these people,

including children, who are on fire.

As the Rhema above stated the urgency of our situation.

You must choose, no one else can do it for you.

You have been warned.


†††††††† What are you going to do about it, before it is too late?


†††††††† Obedience Is The Only Way.Document:†† Obey Or Perish



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† By Peter James from:†† www.peterjamesx.com†††† ††††††††††


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