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Strong Delusion - Rhema  W.C.G. 

                           (Worldwide church Of God)


                   Strong Delusion = Confusion, Part 1 of 3

By Peter James

It is crystal clear that in spite of everything, the Eternal God loves

        each and everyone of the ministers and members, of the W.C.G.

        just like the rest of  us, even though none of us deserve it.

        This is a selection of Rhema which we received about 

        the Worldwide Church of God or their ministers.

        We have also received similar Rhema for offshoots of this organisation. 

        It has to be understood that we regard the offshoots from WCG as all part 

        of the same conglomerate. In fact if you search the Internet you will see that

        some of the off shoots openly claim that they are part of the Church Of God group,

        which follows the teaching of Herbert Armstrong.


These groups have many names and some you certainly would not associate with W.C.G,

These groups have many names, and some you certainly would not associate with W.C.G.

They offer all sorts of study material and information.

In view of this a visible merger os some sort is possible.

This will only be the open declaration of something which already exists, although the rank and file

membership are unaware of this Church Of God Movement.


The purpose of this compilation is to illustrate that what we were clearly told

        would happen to the W.C.G.  has happened, and indeed is still happening,

        as it rushes down the road to oblivion.

        You simply need to examine the facts and determine whether what we are saying

        is true or not.           

        We told one small fellowship, in the West Country, that it would cease to exist.

        They were furious. 

        They thought that they were growing. 

        They threatened to sue me. 

        That group has disappeared long ago.   


         I have stated that W.C.G. would ultimately go down the road of the Roman Catholic Church.

       W.C.G. members scoffed. 

        Dr Joseph Tkatch told me to "get yourself out of this nonsensical behaviour

        and discontinue your charade of  delivering messages for God", when we passed him the Rhema

which follows.


  I have to tell you that if I had received some of the Rhema to the W.C.G. members/ministers, 

some of which is not posted here, I would be panic stricken, if only a fraction of it was true.  

       That is a fact. 

       The Rhema which we present here is for anyone to judge for themselves, whether we are true or false

or whether their church is true or false.


Rhema Received: 11:03.2004


       LETTER TO JOSEPH TKACH From The Eternal God.

      "Joseph Tkach, who are you?  Are you your father's son? 

       Are you My son, the son of the Most High God? 

       Do you love Me, honour Me, desire to serve Me?  If so, why do you not do so?


       Where is the zeal and love your father showed in serving Me? 

       Why have you bowed down to Man, and allowed yourself to be manipulated

       by those who serve Satan?  

       Why have you retained in your ministry men who are liars, thieves, adulterers, 

       and Satan worshippers? 

       Why have you thrown My sheep to your wolves? 

       Why have you prostituted yourself by joining the Evangelical Alliance?

       Why do you let your flock down day by day, and hour by hour? 

       Why did you not step down when you could have done?

Why are you despondent and purposeless, and have allowed your ministers 

       to please themselves?

       Why have you allowed people like John Halford, corrupt from head to toe,

       to have any dealings at all with your church when years ago,

       for one tenth of what he has done, you would have thrown someone out of the church?  

  Do not answer!

  I, the Lord, your God, know. 


You tolerate everything and anything for a bit of peace and quiet.

  Know that whilst you are enjoying this 'peace and quiet', your ministers are manipulating your

flocks, lying quite blatantly to them, and destroying their belief in Me so that a semblance

of normality may be maintained.  

       NO!  I, your God, Joseph Tkach, through the website of Peter James,

       have told you that your church (NOT My church) will crumble to the ground - not one stone

of it will be left - because you have built your edifice now on Satan, the Devil. 

      Do not be amazed at such an assertion.


Satan is the father of lies, and your ministers lie, and lie, and lie!

    I, the Eternal, am not fooled by the false, lukewarm worship you offer me.

    Listen to Me, Joseph Tkach.

    Your country of America is slowly and surely becoming a police state from

    which none of you will escape alive.

    Your President is a satanist, your government worships before the throne of Satan.

    It has secret laboratories where experiments are carried out on people. 

    It has concentration camps lined up for Christians and others.

    It has Scalar Interferometers which send massive mind control electromagnetic waves

    over whole cities to enslave you because Satan is on the earth to wipe the whole 

    of Mankind out.

    You and your ministers

    (any left who offer Me service - grudging though it sometimes is)

    are like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke to hold back the sea.


    The waves will wash over you all and you will be DEAD.


Listen to Me while you can.

       Tell your people to listen to Me.

Tell them to hold a day of fasting for your whole church. 

       They are to put aside everything - work, holidays, home life

       - in order to fast and pray, and to ask for forgiveness from Me, their God, 

      for ALL their sins.

       I mean every last one of you, and the ministers most of all.

       Cry out in heartfelt prayer for your iniquity before Me.

       Everyone who will not do this serves Satan.

       I am a God who demands obedience.

       I expect honourable service.

       I demand worship before My throne.

       Do NOT offer me false coin!


       I tell you now, Joseph Tkach, that you, like so many of your ministers (those who have never

carried out their duties, and those who think that by hiding they can escape responsibility)

have buried your head in the sand.

       Take My advice while there is yet time.

       Tell your people to listen to Me first thing in the morning.

       They must desire that I speak to them directly.

I can do so through words in their minds, orally, through visions, through friends or family.

       I am the Creator God.  My ways are infinite and past finding out.


       Let each person seek Me while he/she can.

      The time is coming when not only will My word not be able to be preached,

      but in your very own country and in all the so-called democratic nations,

      people will be thrown into jail, tortured and killed - Christians first of all.


    All My messages to every church were to warn you of what was to come,

    to prepare you for the time ahead, to frighten and shame you into action.

    My main purpose was to see whether ANY one of you could come out

    of your introspective, self-satisfied, bible-punching ways sufficiently to PRAY


    What have I, the Creator God, heard back from the churches?

   "We are not sinners, we have nothing to repent of, it is those people out there".

    You imbecilic people.

    Those people out there may be sinners, but YOUR PEOPLE, Joseph Tkach,


Christ came to save and die for sinners.

    YOU are there to call out for sinners not to sate yourselves with your own blessings

    and cry out like the Pharisee, "God, I thank thee that I am not as other men are,

    or even as this publican."

    How dare your people, Joseph Tkach (amongst many others} say such things to Me,

    to My servants!

    How dare you consider that what you, Joseph Tkach,

    offer Me personally in worship can ever be acceptable!

    Step down, you and your ministers,

    from your lofty peaks and humble yourselves before Me,

    your God, or I will bring you low, down to the ground,

    and I will cut My word off from you.

    I will shut My ears up, turn away My face, and leave you to Satan's devices.


     What would your physical father have thought of your church now, Joseph Tkach?

        I write to you, last of all, Joseph Tkach.

       I have sent many general letters to your church and to individual ministers.

      You ALL scorn Me, your God.

      Unless you do as I ask and release your flock from the bondage,

and manipulation of Satan-inspired ministers, I consign you all to Satan, the Devil.


     Heed My words, Joseph Tkach.

     Do not, as so many of your ministers have done, think this is the work of a crank.

     I raise up My appointed and anointed servants, as and where I desire.

     You scorn them, and you scorn Me.

     Read in the Old Testament what I did, time and time again,

     to those nations who trampled all over the blessings I gave them.

     Do NOT treat lightly what I say.



    Show Me one person in your church who will stand up for Me against governments,

     and against evil in every form, and I will acknowledge him/her.


    You will die, Joseph Tkach, serving Me or serving Satan.

    Be careful in your choice because I alone am the Righteous Judge.

    You will be judged before Me.

    Woe betide you if you do not listen to Me now.

    See Mel Gibson's, "The Passion of the Christ",

    to understand the price My Son paid for each of you who calls himself/herself a Christian.


Do not devalue a sacrifice so dearly bought

    - the life of My beloved, sinless Son

    - for a sinner like you.


    Meditate on these things, Joseph Tkach,

    because the physical and spiritual well-being of your entire flock depends

    on the action you take now.


    Serve Me, your Creator God, and live!"


    Much grace  



        Response from Pastor General Dr Joseph Tkatch


      This is most certainly not a Rhema from God. It is sad that you have

      deluded yourself into thinking this way.

      It may be that nothing I can say will awake you to reality,

      but at least I will mention two facts that should help

       demonstrate your message is false and you practice is nonsense.

      First, I saw Mel Gibson's movie four months

      ago with Mel Gibson, himself. It was his rough cut final and I met

       and conversed with Mel. Second, in the last year we have planted

       81 new congregations and added over 2000 members.

      This is more than my dad's entire ministerial service.

      Now, Peter, you need to get yourself out of this nonsensical

      behaviour and discontinue your charade of

      delivering messages for God.

      He has not called you to do this.

      God has told me to tell you to repent of such

      discordant and disingenuous behaviour.


       I would be delighted to talk with your pastor.

      Next time you send me any communication, do not exclude the name

      and phone number of your pastor so that I may call him.

      May God bless your understanding,




     My response to Dr Tkatch

      Thank you for taking the time to reply



    Rhema Received: 13.03.2004


      Rhema Response to Joseph Tkatch


    "Do not be discouraged by Joseph Tkach's response. 

      As you see, he is truly part of the problem. 

      It really is a case of "anything for a quiet life".

      You were appalled by his lack of understanding of the film,

      and by the fact that he said this was one of the reasons why he knew the message

      was NOT from Me, his God.

      Where is the logic in that?

      Because he was not affected by the film shows how little he knows My Son or Me.

      No one can be unaffected by this portrayal of My Son's torture, and death

      in such a horrific way without being changed. 


     Shame on Joseph Tkach! 

     What a pastor for what a church!

     Remember these things when everything starts to change.

      They all see nothing because they CHOOSE to see nothing.

    They have warded off cranks (as they believe you to be) before,

     and they are trying to do so again.


     Do you really think I would talk personally to such a man to rebuke you,

     who are listening to, and obeying, Me, your Father in Heaven? 

     All are the same in My eyes, but I anoint My servants, no one else!


     Joseph Tkach's response was full of arrogance, pride, anger and scorn.

     Whether he knows it or not, he has denigrated his father's whole ministry.

     What an indictment - such a son to scorn such a father, My servant!


     I do not use the son, as I used his father. 

     I do not honour the son, as I honoured his father. 

     I DO NOT speak to the son,

     the present head of this Worldwide Church of God,

     as I spoke undoubtedly to his father.

     Let all the Worldwide Church of God know that I withdraw My blessings from them.

     Let them continue to serve their father, Satan. the Devil.


     No more messages from now on to this church.

     They will have to find me on their knees in repentant prayer

     because from this moment on I turn My eyes away from this church.

     Let ALL who serve Me leave this church NOW because her punishment

     will be yours if you remain in her.


     I, the Eternal, speak no idle words. 


     See your congregations, Joseph Tkach, fall into disarray,

     See your people leave your church,

     See your finances fail,

     See your ministers be arrested,

     See your flocks despise you for your weak-kneed,

     blasphemous service to Me, your God.


     See ALL this happen and tremble.

     I make no idle threats.

     You have polluted My sanctuary.

     You have called down upon your church the punishment I meted out,

     time and again (as I have warned you), to the Old Testament peoples.

     Let anyone lend you a hand, it will make no difference. 

     You cannot nullify what I, the Most High God, speak.


     Read this message on the website because it will not be sent to you.

     Let your people see how you scorn Me, their God.

     How few people in your church really serve me!


     Continue with your Sabbath games - they are not worship of Me.

     I turn My eyes from them all.

Be careful, Joseph Tkach, that, when you finally call on Me, I will still hear you.


     I have raised up men, women and children, who are being,

     and will be, scorned by you.  They will move on to the world scene.

     Remember My words when that time comes, because then you will rue the day,

     and repent in sackcloth and ashes,

     that you threw away My words of warning and of love to you.


     Every message I have sent to ministers and to individuals has been done in love.

     You cannot appreciate this because you do not know Me.

     I am a jealous God.

     I want My people to serve Me, and Me alone.

     I want My people to honour My Son's name.

     I desire genuine worship.

     I desire that you love others so much that you will give your life for them, as My Son did for you.


     This time is coming, and is almost upon you.

     By your own response now, you put the nails in your own coffin,

     just as churches everywhere have sealed their own fate by their corruption and obduracy.


     Those outside the churches will now be empowered to speak up for Me.

I will shame ALL the churches by the true zeal of My servants.

     Watch and see."



     Subject: RHEMA : 23.3.04

     (This is Rhema I got after a dream where I was sitting in a WCG congregation 

     with no minister, but only a minder.  Everyone was quiet until the minder left the room. 

     One person whispered to another that he knew something about God.  

     I asked him to tell all of us because others were interested but,

     as soon as he started to do so, the minder returned and the person could say nothing.

     One mother got up with her daughter, said she was bored, and left.

     Nothing I said would persuade them to stay.  There was no life, only deadness.)

"It is not always necessary to remember your dreams. 

     Sometimes, they are a way of making sense of your experiences and your knowledge,

     nothing more. Often, as was the case with the dream about the WCG,

     it shows the actual state of the church, and not the manufactured reality.

     There is NO real teaching going on now

     - all the ministers are in a state of disarray, Joseph Tkach now more than ever. 

     He knows the reality of what was said, but through his connection with the Evangelical Alliance,

     and his loyalty to his friends, he cannot change things now. 

     There is, however, hope for him in the medium term. 

     All will bow the knee before My Son/Me sooner or later.



"Listen to Me, WCG. (Worldwide Church Of God)

      Your ministers have ignored the warnings which came through Peter James's website,

      - my chosen website.

      In their arrogance they have chosen to ignore My words.


      Know this.

      I will tear your edifice from top to bottom till not a stone of your church,

      not My church, is left standing. 

      I will scatter your members to the four winds and your name will be blotted

      out before me for ever.


       But listen to Me, and I will have mercy on you.


       For too long your ministers in arrogance and pride have led my people astray.

       Let them all get on their knees today and cry out to me, their God,

       during the service, to have mercy on them.


       I will listen to the repentant prayers of those who choose to listen to Me.


       Do not think I will be mocked by your lip service.

       The WCG is the synagogue of Satan.

       You allow things that are an abomination in my sight.


       John Halford, get down on your knees before Me,

       turn from your (Spiritual) adultery and worship Me. 


       I will judge you for leading my people astray.

       Do not doubt it.

       But, if you turn away NOW, lead My people NOW to Me,

       I will forgive you your false leadership of My people.


        I am refining you all in the fire - all of you

        - from the least to the greatest

        (greatest only in their own estimation).


        The times are coming when you would have wished you had listened to Me today.


        I know My true servants. 

         Doreen Waters, you have sacrificed yourself on My altar,

         and I will not forget you.


        Many of you here today in the WCG,

         I know you by name - your sacrifice has been noted before Me.

         I will honour it.

       DO NOT WAIT.

        Today is the day for your repentance.


        My Son will no longer knock at your door.

        Hear Me NOW or I cast you off for ever."  



        Rhema Received: 29:01.2004  

        Message For The Worldwide Church Of God

          "You haughty, vain, arrogant purveyors of what purports to be My word.

      Listen to Me, the Lord God Almighty.

      The life of your church is like a glass of wine which has been spilt

      - it flows out,  staining, and soaking into whatever it touches,

       but it cannot be put back into the glass.

       The life of your church is draining away.

      You cannot mop any of it up!


     I wrote My words to you many times to warn you to sit up,

     and take notice because My Son, your Saviour, Jesus Christ, is coming back soon.

     I gave you a time to repent before Me, to come back to Me,

     to make things right before Me,

     BEFORE the Tribulation comes upon you swiftly, and silently,

     because you are not looking at the signs of the times. 

     The time now is shorter than ever.


  Do you not realize yet, you blind leaders of the blind, that I love you?

      Why would I waste My time trying to warn you if I did not love you? 


      What you need to know about the seriousness of the times, and the evil which abounds,

  you will find in the writings on Peter James's website. 

      You have been reading some of it so you do know what I am talking about.


      You may fool each other, put on a front,

      may be false ministers,



      (without even the honour which exists among thieves in looking out for each other)


        Do you know what any type of love is?

      Do you love your wives, your families? 

If so, you are going a funny way about it.


      Do you not realize that the penalty of your sin is visited on your children?


      Do you not realize that you are leading your flocks astray? 


      You do not teach My word because you CANNOT understand My word. 

      My whole being is love.

      I LOVE YOU


      Stop throwing people out of the churches because they say something you disagree with.

      Do you realize that that is the beginning of tyranny? 

      YOU are there to help them

      If you CANNOT, and I know most of you CANNOT, step down. 

      Point people to Me, and do not be afraid to tell people that you do not know

      the answers to questions.


      I am too great and too intelligent for your minds to comprehend.


      To explain My word at this time, ministers of the WCG,

      you WILL HAVE TO humble yourselves, and repent before Me.

      DO IT NOW before Satan grabs hold of you, and the choice has gone.


      You do not want to go down into the darkness when this life is over,

      and you are judged before My throne.

      I am a merciful God, I do not want any to be lost.

      You, ministers, will ALL have to confront Satan, and defeat him.

      You can ONLY do that through My Son dwelling in you in fullness.

      That is only possible in a humble, repentant servant of Mine.


Do not disdain the love I have for you, the hand I offer you,

      because Satan will use you, and abuse you.

      A time will come when you will have to choose,

      and the suffering, and torment of Satan's way is something you wish to avoid.


      There is no easy road to Petra or anywhere else.

Come, members of the ministry,

      you have had a cushy,

      easy life in comparison to the lay members of your congregations. 

      You have lorded it over them, but NOW, gentlemen,

      those who have remained in their roles,

    and those who have abnegated their responsibility,

you must suffer as they did, and have under your tyrannical rules.

     You have stolen My Word from them,

     and interpreted it according to your scanty knowledge.

     Own up to that fact before your congregations.

     Do not lay down the law.

      In humility, ask all your congregations to kneel before Me

      - you first, gentlemen

      - and say:


       "God, My God, have mercy on Me, a sinner"


      Take the lead in this, ministers of the WCG,

      those who have ever served Me, and those who wish now,

      at this late point, to serve Me, and I WILL forgive you.


       As I can be tenacious in My anger against those who disobey Me,

       so I can be tender, and loving in My concern towards those who choose

       to turn away from their lives of sin, disobedience and rebellion before Me.


       Tell John Halford this.

To ALL I am a loving God.

Do not invoke My anger against you any more.

What will happen, WILL happen, but A FEW people have put aside their petty problems,

and I tell you, gentlemen, the state of your church is a PETTY problem before ME),

and have cried out for those who are suffering in this world.


       Cry out now that I forgive you,

       and THEN, gentlemen, get on your knees constantly before Me

       for those who are being persecuted NOW,

       those who are being tortured NOW in your so-called western nations,

       those who are being killed behind the scenes, while World War III is on the horizon,

       the mass deportation of nations is planned, the take over of the human mind of every person

on the planet is in progress through one means of communication or another,

      the subsequent killing of ALL mankind is planned by Satan

      on this earth because his time is short.


      Gentlemen, gird on your armour and FIGHT, FIGHT,

      FIGHT against the real enemy.

      Your prayers, in heartfelt anguish for OTHERS, will be recorded before Me.

      Forget what cannot be mended.



      although many of you are hardened sinners.

      Did My Son, your Lord, Jesus Christ, not die for all? 

      Think about these things. 



    Turn to Me, not each other, for guidance.

    Listen to Me.

   I will tell you what to do.

   I accept only a humble and repentant heart.


     Do NOT BE haughty, self-opinionated any longer.

     Repent before Me, your God and Creator,

    and fight the real enemy

    - Satan the Devil.

    Ask your congregations to listen to Me, too.

      Print out the article, "What is Rhema", from the website,

      and distribute it to every member.

       Encourage them to try this because,

      for ALL, their very lives will depend upon the word I give them

      as individuals in the terrible times ahead.

     Prepare yourselves for the battle of your lives because, whether you desire it or not,

      now is the time that reality WILL impinge upon your lives.

      As I protected the Israelites, so I will protect you, but there will be MUCH suffering.

       Remember, "... having done all, to stand."


      Mr Sullivan is a minister in the Worldwide Church Of God.

        Dear Mr Sullivan


         I, the Lord your God, told the ministry of the WCG that the WCG would crumble 

         to the ground and you are actually pulling it down yourself.  

         What you have done by sending the letters of expulsion to the people in Northampton 

         is to speed up the disintegration process.  You will be popular!

         Mr Sullivan, you see I cannot address you as Harry, because I do not know you, 

        you saved Me, the Eternal of Hosts, some work because I have called out 

         of the Northampton church, to minister before Me, Stuart Howes, Peter Williams, 

        Tom Todd and Erna Todd.  I have appointed and anointed them, as I did not 

        the vast majority of the ministry in the WCG - you appointed yourselves. 


You really should be more careful what you do.  However, quite opposed 

        to the vast majority of the WCG ministry's understanding, I DO NOT send them 

         to a church run by Peter James.  Peter James is my loyal servant, 

         who HEARS MY WORD, and OBEYS implicitly.  

        These servants, too, will listen for MY VOICE and do as I bid them.

         This is my End-Time work, Harry Sullivan, which you CANNOT and

         DO NOT understand, as do not the vast majority of your ministers, 

         because YOU HAVE NEVER KNOWN ME.

         Tell any of your fellow ministers who were around in the days of Herbert Armstrong 

         that if they abused the trust of the people in their flocks, if they destroyed the faith 

         of those same people, confiscating goods which I had given to THEM, 

         then they will pay dearly before My judgment throne for that action. 



          Do you all realize, in your stupidity, that Satan tried to elevate himself above Me, 


       You do not listen to My word, do not show that you believe any of it (but believe Me, 

        Harry Sullivan, and your co-conspirators, I KNOW THAT YOU BELIEVE EVERY WORD, 




       I really cannot allow this travesty of "Christianity" in your church, 

       NOT MY CHURCH, to continue any longer.  

        The death knell has been sounded by you, Harry Sullivan.  

         I, the Lord your God, say, "Amen".



This message was for David Hulme of The United Church Of God

          an offshoot of the Worldwide Church Of God    


         Rhema Received: 25.10.2003


I was asked by your God and my God, the Lord God Almighty,

the Creator of the Universe, the Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to pass on this message to you.


Before you try to tear this up, know that God sent a message to the WCG today

and will do to the Recovery Church (which I presently attend) tomorrow.

The messages were very harsh and left nothing that could be misunderstood.


"This is what I say to you, C and H.

For too long I have allowed you to go your own way,

to belong to a church which has nothing at all to do with Me.

I tell you now that your church, as with all the churches of this world, is the synagogue of Satan.   

You are Satan's children at this time.

But, if you repent, turn to Me, in humility,

in heartfelt anguish at the sins you have committed and do commit then

I will not send my wrath upon you.


Hear Me, both of you.

As I have said constantly, the time for play is over.

Spiritual reality is here.

My Son will return soon for His bride.

You will not be acceptable to Him unless you turn away from the Judaizing of your church.

Do you think I really care what foods you eat, what days you worship on,

whether they were kept in the Old Testament or not and yet you despise Me?

You put Me to shame.    

Where is your charity for others?

When have I heard you cry out to Me for mercy on others?


You are all snug in your little church,

with your little prayers and your lack of vision because you cannot see Me, your God. 


Never will I accept this from my people.

There is no humility in you, no Christian charity, no love.

You are worse than lukewarm.

I spue you out of my mouth.


Look at the broad picture.

Everyone is nothing before Me.

I elevate people for My purpose to do My will at this time.

I did not elevate David Hume.

He elevated himself.

I did not appoint him.

I appoint those who listen to Me, those who are penitent, humble, care about others,

are not entrenched in their own stupidity, caring only for their survival and thinking

that adherence to a few laws makes up for everything else.


Both of you, search your hearts.

When have you had any compassion for the lost?

Not that mealy-mouthed, church speak which passes for true religion.

When have you fasted and prayed for those outside your little kingdom

- the mass of humanity who will be truly lost unless my church cries out for them?

Do NOT think that you are my true church.

My true church is made up of believers who submit themselves willingly in humility

before My throne, who cry out day and night for the iniquity of this world

and for Me to stay My hand against the unspeakable darkness of this world,

the torment and suffering of my people everywhere.


Learn from My Son what it is to be a Christian.

Do not dare to bear his name as you are.

There is no purity in you.

Only My Son is pure.

Only My Son can burn out the impurity in your hearts.  

H, in love I pass this message to you both through your sister,

my instrument, who cried out for you before My throne. 


Remember when I called you both.  C had been reading the Plain Truth

first and ignored it and then you came along and what conversations you had about Me.

Do you remember that, H?

What zeal you both had, what love for Me.

However, I think you were both more interested

in "The United States and Britain in Prophecy" and knowing something no one else did

than truly worshipping Me then.

         Both you and C went astray for a long time.

But now I am drawing in the line.

C has repented before Me, she is being used by Me.

She is not blowing her own trumpet here.

I have asked her to say this to you.

She is your sister and she loves you.

What sister does not want to save her own kith and kin?

H and C, I tell you this in love (you see, repetition is necessary here).

You are listening to the living God.

Do not scorn My words.

My words do not go out of My mouth void.


You can turn away from this message,

entrench yourself once again in your own little Christian world but woe betide you if you do.

Do not take my words lightly.

As I have said to all these churches today,

tell your ministers to get on their knees in repentance.

If, C, you have the courage to stand up for Me,

and are not frightened you will jeopardize your position in the hierarchy of your church,

then pass this message on to David Hume and see if he will let all the members

of your church hear this.


Know this, if he does not, and if you do not then you will be cursed for ever.

You know, C, as you are a 'minister' that you are responsible for what you tell your 'flock',

not My 'flock'.

You read the bible.

Know that I judge harshly ANY minister who falsely tells My people things that I do not say.

Your responsibility is much greater than H's because you are a minister.

But know this, women and men are judged equally in My sight. 

 Do not denigrate H.

The love my Son bears to you is not shown to H.

I know how you treat her, what you think of her.

The paltry thing you offer her is not love.

The depths of love My Son bore for you, C, in dying for you, sacrificing His life

(a life of purity beyond human comprehension) is not known to you. 

Do not give H the dregs of your feelings.

As I love my true church, and Christ loves her,

so you should show your feelings to H.

For too long she has been an underling,  

a spare part subservient to you and she has gone on in this way,

unhappy, living a life of dull discontent but thinking that she is honouring Me

by listening to you.


Do not believe this, H!

You are a joint heir with C.

I value you no less highly (and perhaps more highly because of your submission to C) than C.

You each must work out your salvation before Me with fear and trembling.

I will not be mocked.

Do not think I can be hoodwinked by form, by ritual, 

by things which mean nothing to Me.  

Only in worship before My throne in humility,

through My precious Son as intermediary, will I accept your prayers.

If the Son gives you life, you have life indeed.  Believe Me.


All you have to do, both of you, because I know that you believe in Me,

is to turn from following after man (your church) and turn to Me.

I will be your leader, your protector. 

Give yourselves to Me totally, hold nothing back.


Remember, you can choose to ignore this message,

you can choose to scorn the sender as a woman who is slightly round the bend

(which is what, H, your father thinks in C's case) but I am the sender. 

You are both responsible for this knowledge before Me once you have read it.

Nothing will wipe it out of your minds.

You can read all the church books you like,

immerse yourself in worldly entertainment,

think C is deluded because she has never said things like this before,

but the end of it all is this: I sent this message, none of it came from anyone other than Me.

Ignore this message and you ignore Me.

Ignore Me and you show that you scorn Me.

No one scorns the living God and lives long to tell the tale.


Because of My love for you and for your sister/sister-in-law, in mercy I tell you these things.

Please do not turn away from these words because nothing on this earth

will be able to protect you when all hell breaks loose.

My Son will say, "Go away, I do not know you".

You will have called him Lord, you will have worshipped Him after a fashion, 

but all was futile.

 Choose NOW - choose life - choose My Son to live in you in fullness.


Why do I have to tell My churches things which are so self-evident to non Christians

- that love is the mainstay of the church, not human love,

which is partial, but love that is boundless.

That comes from My Son, not man.


Remember, both of you, your works are as dross to Me.

Forget paying for advertisements in magazines, in newspapers, sending out journals.

All these are vain.


The end time is NOW.

Christ will return soon.

Be ready for his advent or nothing, not even my love for your sister,

who cried out before Me, can save either of you.

Remember your daughter, V.

Show her the true way to go before Me.

Nurture her, as I nurture you and will continue to do so

if you turn away from your wicked ways.

         The change is simple: trust, listen and obey.


Listen to me first thing in the morning.

Get up early and clear your minds of everything - this takes a little time.

Cry out in repentance, say that you desire earnestly to hear from Me.

You wait on My word to show you how to live your lives that day. 


Think as a unit - father, mother and child - not as individuals.

Give honour to one another as you honour Me.

Do not be partial.

Treat all alike. 


C, you are too arrogant at times.

You think because you are a so-called minister in a tin-pot little church,

that you can elevate yourself above others.

Never think that again.

I did not elevate you.  

This is a great deal for you to think about.

Read this again and again, meditate on it.

Ask my forgiveness for your arrogance and pride, both of you, 

and turn to Me in humility.


I always listen to the prayers of the truly penitent."


 Be Humble Repent Listen To The Eternal God Obey Him.

This is very easy to say, but I assure you that it is physically impossible without

the empowerment of the Eternal God.

Just going up to some altar call, running to some church, or isolating yourself

in the hope that somehow it will all go away, will not do it.


What are you going to do about it before it is too late?


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