170811      Click To Enlarge  Slide Show Pics www.thetemplewebsite.org          Pre Earthquake We have seen that it is wrong to pray to the dead, and indead, anyone else than the Eternal God. One question remains, repetitious  prayers, like the Rosary, are these acceptable to the Eternal God. Christ said that vain repetions were unacceptable. Matthew 6:7  But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. So what does the Eternal God want from us. He wants the very thing that all churches try to keep from us.                                                                  Station of the Cross He wants to have a personal relationship, with all of His children, without any middle men whatsoever. I am not a middle man. I do not seek any following, and neither do I solicit money, in any way whatsoever. This absolutely terrifies the Vatican ,and all her harlot daughters. The loss of control, cannot and will not be tolerated, by neither the churches nor the governments of this world. The good news is that their time of lying, and control and manipulation, is almost at an end. So what do I do, you might ask? I simply help people to stand on their own two legs, and help them to have a personal relationship with the Eternal God their Father in heaven. What happens after that ? Any captive, who has been set free, will then soon be in a position to help other captives, to break free from their bondage. This will continue until everyone is set free, and/or Christ returns to sort out the sorry mess. What is certain is that if the Eternal does not intervene, no flesh will be saved alive.  We can all pray that we will be enlightened, and freed from Satan’s strangle hold on us, and the entire world. We can all pray that Christ will soon come and set up His kingdom. We can all pray that all the horrific suffering, which man is inflicting, against his fellowmen, is quickly cut short. There is still a very little time for all of us to wake up and ‘Come out of Babylon’, before it is too late, and the great Tribulation engulfs us all. Page 5 of 5 Page 5 of 5 X X X