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Global Freight Train Rolling Through America Wants To Run Over All Freedom-Loving Americans :

There is no stopping the diabolical dirty dealings of the New World Order Agenda,

Including Vatican Support Of Nazis Offering Solid Evidence Of Its Involvement In A Similar
Takeover Of America.

20 Jun 2006, By Greg Szymanski

A 90-year-old man from Blythe, California, who survived Hitler, is  warning Americans

the same thing is happening here that took place in Nazi Germany.

An elderly woman from Long Beach, California, is telling Americans she may be killed by corrupt

church and state officials, trying to takeover of her large apartment complex.

And others all across the country are finally screaming "foul," as gas prices soar, civil liberties

disappear and violence and drugs spread across the country like an out-of-control wild fire.

It's no secret America is in the midst of a complete totalitarian takeover of their country,

a plan devised hundreds of years ago by Luciferian followers passing the evil torch

from generation to generation.

With precise planning, patience and enormous resources, the global freight train taking over

the world is now passing through America.
And before it makes its final stop within the next decade, two- thirds of the population

will be wiped-out, as America will be a part of the global community headed-up

by the United Nations.

"The stage is set and we are in the final stages of the planned global takeover," said researcher

and author, Alan Watt, appearing on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal.

"And it's just amazing to me how the American people continue to remain

oblivious to what is happening.

"What we have to do is identify the enemy and then remove them. Looking back in history

is the key to connecting the dots, as Plato was one of the first globalists. Today we have a network

throughout the world set-up for the eventual globalization of all countries."

And as we try to identify the enemy as Watt recommends, an article by Yossi Melman points

a finger to the Vatican, showing how senior Church officials were involved in smuggling

and hiding Nazi war criminals so they would not be arrested and tried for war crimes.

This covert action by the Vatican during World War II was recently verified in a May deposition

of former Army intelligence officer, William Gowen, who pinned Giovanni Battista Montini,

who later became Pope Paul VI to property theft of Jewish, Serb, Russian,
Ukrainian and Roma victims during World War II.

"Gowen's testimony has also revealed that after the war, Montini, who during the war served

as the Vatican's deputy secretary of state under the Pope, helped hide and launder property that

had been stolen from, among others, Jews and was involved in the sheltering and smuggling of Croatian

war criminals, such as the leader of the Ustashe movement, Ante Pavelic," said Melman in his article,
featuring Gowen's testimony, linking the Vatican to aiding and abetting Nazi war criminals.

Gowen's shocking testimony is a part of a 1999 lawsuit filed by attorney Jonathen Levy on behalf

of Croatian victims at a court in San Francisco against the Vatican Bank (Institute for Religious
Works) and against the Franciscan Order, the Croatian Liberation
Movement (the Ustashe), the National Bank of Switzerland and others.

The suit was filed by Jewish, Ukrainian, Serb and Roma survivors, as well as relatives of victims

and various organizations that together represent 300,000 World War II victims.

The plaintiffs have demanded accounting and restitution from the Vatican Bank, as well as trying
to uncover their role in the mass extermination of hundreds of thousands of people.

Levy recently appeared on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, explaining

irregularities in the Vatican Bank and their connection to Nazi war criminals,

as well as talking about Gowen's shocking testimony.

Other researchers have used this information as clear-cut evidence of Vatican involvement

in the New World Order and its onslaught on freedoms in America.

The following is a the article written by Melman, tracing the story of Vatican involvement

with the Nazis and highlight the often- mentioned "Vatican Ratlines" giving Nazis an escape route,

as well as talking about how Gowen's recent testimony in the Vatican Bank lawsuit adds to the story.

It is possible that within a short time a court in the United States will prohibit the publication

of the account before us. In the meantime, the testimony given last month by William Gowen,

a former intelligence officer in the United States Army, at a federal court in San Francisco.

The testimony contains historical and political explosives. It links Giovanni Battista Montini,

who later became Pope Paul VI, to the theft of property of Jewish, Serb, Russian, Ukrainian and Roma

victims during World War II in Yugoslavia.


Many studies and stories have already been written about the thundering silence of Pope Pius XII,

who reigned in the Vatican during World War II. Now the former intelligence officer's testimony

has revealed that after the war, Montini, who during the war served as the Vatican's deputy secretary

of state under the pope, helped hide and launder property that had been stolen from, among others,

Jews and was involved in the sheltering and smuggling of Croatian war criminals, such as the leader

of the Ustashe movement, Ante Pavelic.

The smuggling and hiding of Croatian war criminals was part of the extensive network known

as the Rat Lines. Senior officials at the Vatican were involved in hiding and smuggling Nazi

war criminals and  their collaborators so they would not be arrested and tried.
Hundreds of war criminals were provided with church and Red Cross papers that enabled them

to hide in safe houses and then flee from Europe, mainly to the Middle East and South America.

Among them were Klaus Barbie ("the butcher of Lyon"), Adolf Eichmann,

Dr. Josef Mengele and Franz Stengel, the commander of the Treblinka death camp.

The Vatican network was also used by leaders of the Ustashe - the nationalist Croatian Catholic

movement that was active in Croatia and collaborated with the Nazi occupation.

"The Reverend Dr. Prof. Krunoslav Draganovic seemed to be in cooperation

with the Ustasha network. And he was given a Vatican assignment as the apostolic visitator

for Croatians, which meant he reported directly to Monsignor Giovanni Battista Montini,"

states an American document based on a report from the Italian police; the document was recently
placed in evidence at the court in San Francisco where Gowen testified.

The leaders of the Ustashe headed by Pavelic are the ones who stole the victims' property:

art and jewelry - silver and mostly gold. After the war they fled with the treasure and laundered

it with the help of Vatican institutions. According to Gowen's testimony,
Montini, who in 1964 became the first pope to visit the State of Israel, was also involved

in the Vatican's help in laundering the wealth.

Still terrified

In 1999 a suit was filed at a court in San Franciso against the Vatican Bank (Institute

for Religious Works) and against the Franciscan order, the Croatian Liberation Movement

(the Ustashe), the National Bank of Switzerland and others. The suit was filed by Jewish, Ukrainian,

Serb and Roma survivors, as well as relatives of victims and various organizations that together

represent 300,000 World War II victims. The plaintiffs demanded accounting and restitution.

One of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs is Jonathan Levy. "Many of the plaintiffs have been

reluctant to be pictured, after all these years," says Levy. "Many are still terrified of the Ustashe,

the Serbs particularly. Unlike the Nazi Party, the Ustashe still exist and have

a party headquarters in Zagreb."

The Ustashe was founded in 1929 as a Croatian nationalist movement with a deep connection

to Catholicism. From the day it was founded the movement made its aim the establishment

of an independent Croatian state and declared to fight the monarchy in Yugoslavia.

The movement was banned and its founders, Pavelic and Gustav Percec (who was later murdered

at Pavelic's orders) were condemned to death in their absence.

The Ustashe was linked to the assassination of Yugoslav King Alexander and French foreign minister

Louis Barthou in Marseilles in 1934.

Upon the occupation of Yugoslavia, the German Nazis and the Italian Fascists formed

an "independent" state in Croatia, which was basically a Nazi puppet state. Pavelic

 was appointed poglovnik, the leader of the country. He hastened to meet with Hitler and allied
himself with the Fuehrer. When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union,  Pavelic sent Ustashe units

to fight alongside the Nazis and then joined the declaration of war against the United States.

Ustashe leaders declared they would slaughter a third of the Serb population in Croatia,

deport a third and convert the remaining third from Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism.

Anyone who refused to convert was murdered.

Immediately upon the establishment of its puppet government, the Ustashe set up militias and gangs

that slaughtered Serbs, Jews, Romas and their political foes. Catholic priests, some of them
Franciscans, also participated in the acts of slaughter. The cruelty of the Ustashe was so great that

even the commander of the German army in Yugoslavia complained.

Himmler of the Balkans

Under the leadership of Pavelic's right-hand man Andrija Artukovic, who earned the nickname

"the Himmler of the Balkans," the Ustashe set up concentration camps, most notably at Jasenovac.

According to various estimates, about 100,000 people were murdered at the camp,
among them tens of thousands of Jews (it is interesting to note that some of the heads of the Ustashe

were married to Jewish women). Throughout Croatia about 700,000 people were murdered.

The partisans, led by the Croat Communist Josip Broz Tito,

and the Chetniks - Nationalist Serb royalists - fought the Ustashe.

After the war, Pavelic and other Ustashe heads fled to Austria and, with the help of the British

intelligence and their friends in the Vatican, found refuge in Italy. They hid in Vatican monasteries

and were provided with false documents that gave them a new identity.
Secret documents that were disclosed at the court in San Francisco show that at the end of the war,

British intelligence took Pavelic under its wing and allowed him and a convoy of 10 trucks that
carried the stolen treasure to travel to the British occupation zone in Austria.

The British did this with the intention of using him as a counterweight to the Communist

takeover in Yugoslavia.

The Ustashe brought the treasure convoy to Rome, where they put it into the hands of the Croatian

ambassador to the Vatican, Rev. Krunoslav Draganovic. Draganovic also saw to hiding Pavelic and his
aides in Vatican institutions and safe houses in Rome. American military intelligence located Pavelic's

hiding place. But according to a secret document Gowen wrote in July 1947, that was submitted

to the court, Gowen's unit received the instruction: "Hands off" Pavelic.

This was an order from the American Embassy, stressed Gowen in his testimony.

It is also stated in the document, which is classified as top secret, that Pavelic, via his contacts

with Draganovic, was receiving Vatican protection. From Italy, Pavelic was smuggled on the Rat Lines

to Argentina, where he served as a security adviser to president Juan Peron (Peron granted entry

visas to 34,000 Croats, many of them associated with the Ustashe and Nazi supporters).

In 1957 there was an attempt to assassinate him, in which he was wounded. The operation was attributed

to Tito's Yugoslav intelligence, although the possibility that this was an attempt at revenge by a Chetnik

activist was not dismissed. Pavelic had to leave Argentina and found refuge with the Spanish

dictator Franco. Two years later, in 1959, he died as a result of complications caused by the wound.

The Ustashe has continued to exist over the years and until the 1980s its operatives were involved

in acts of terror against diplomats and other Yugoslav targets abroad.

Montini complains

The suit filed at the court in San Francisco is based on earlier investigations and reports from American

government agencies, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and committees of historians who researched
the matter of the Jewish property in Swiss banks. The case was preceded by successful legal battles

by attorney Levy and his colleagues against the CIA and the American Army to obtain secret
documents. The defendants, on their part, led by the Vatican Bank and the Franciscan order and others,

deny the charges against them and made every effort to have the charges dismissed. So far, the court

has rejected these efforts outright and determined that the deliberations would continue.

But the defendants are tenacious and now they are demanding that publication of Gowen's testimony

be prohibited.

After the end of the war Gowen served as a special agent, meaning an investigations officer in the Rome

detachment of American counter- intelligence. This unit's role was to track down, among others,
Italian Fascists, Nazi war criminals and their collaborators, including the Ustashe leaders

(Gowen said another mission included, at the request of British intelligence, surveillance of Irgun and
Lehi activists). The code name for the unit's actions was "Operation Circle."

Parallel to the counterintelligence unit, other American army intelligence units, and mainly the Office

of Strategic Services (OSS, from which the CIA developed) and British intelligence were
engaged in contradictory actions. They made contact with Nazis and with the Ustashe people and enlisted

them in their service as agents, collaborators and informers, with the intention of forming a front

against the Soviet spread into Eastern Europe and the Balkans. "To try and find Pavelic you had

to discover how the Ustashe network in Italy was constituted, how it operated, what were
its bases," testified Gowen.

A key person in the Pontifical Croatian college was Rev. Draganovic, the Croatian ambassador

to the Vatican. Draganovic and the college issued false papers to Croatian war criminals,

among them Pavelic and Artukovic. "I personally investigated Draganovic - who told me
he was reporting to Montini," emphasized Gowen.

Gowen related that at a certain stage Montini learned, apparently from the head of the OSS

unit in Rome, James Angleton, who nurtured relations with Montini and the Vatican,

of the investigation Gowen's unit was conducting. Montini complained about Gowen to his superiors
and accused him of having violated the Vatican's immunity by having entered church buildings,

such as the Croatian college, and conducting searches there. The aim of the complaint was to interfere
with the investigation.

In his testimony, Gowen also stated that Draganovic helped the Ustashe launder the stolen treasure

with the help of the Vatican Bank: This money was used to fund its religious activities, but also
to fund the escape of Ustashe leaders on the Rat Line

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