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                           Babylon’s Plan for Britain


                                   The True European Union Video


               I really do appreciate that the following website has made this video available.



         If you live in Britain it is compulsory viewing.

         If you live elsewhere see what is in store for you.


         I have watched the video several times and as I feel that it contains exceedingly important

            information. I have made notes which I am producing here to benefit anyone who might

            not have the facility to watch the video or need it to back up the video.


            I am including the link to the video, so that you can watch it or download it as you wish.

                               These notes are taken directly from the Video       


                                            The True European Union


                                   The European Union -  The costly EEC Scam.


                                                 It is a sham masquerading as a democracy.


            The goal is to create a European Federal Super State which includes 25 Nations.


            The U.K. has been deceived and betrayed to join this group, and all the political parties

             have hidden the true facts from the public, and believe in the destruction of Great Britain.

            As a nation Britain will cease to exist and it will be part of an integrated Europe


            Europe will have:

           One Parliament

One Government

One Court of Justice

One Currency

One Flag

One Anthem


Europe as a nation an integrated Europe makes sense to avoid another war.

The Nazis nearly succeeded in destroying Britain.

Germany realizing that they were losing the war, planned the E.E.C.

Britain was their greatest obstacle.


Churchill said that if he had to chose between Europe and the Open Sea, that he would

chose the Open Sea.


Britain had to be broken up.

Her status as a world trading nation had to be stopped militarily or economically.

Germany wanted to be in the driving seat.


In 1944, in Strasbourg the German government and the Industrialists planned how

they were going to dominate the Peace, when they realised that Germany was losing the war.


The Marshal Plan rebuilt Germany.


Churchill saw some sort of European Commonwealth as necessary for Peace,

but he did not include England as part of a future United States of Europe.

He saws England as with it, but not off it, linked but not comprised, interested

and associated but not absorbed.


In 1949 NATO was formed.


In 1951 The European Coal and Steel union was formed.    

         In 1957 The Treaty of Rome, which was the basis of a New Superpower was created,

            The Economic European Community.


            In 1973 Prime Minister, misled the people and signed this treaty.

            They were told an enormous lie, that there would be no erosion of National Sovereignty.


            Successive treaties passed powers to Europe.

            The evolutionary process was:


            The Common Market,

            The European Economic Community,

            European Community,

            European Union.          (Comment: it is easy to see the Satanic subtlety)


            The latter as all sorts of controls, restrictions and regulations.


            The final goal potentially called the United States of Europe.


            In 1975 it was a trade agreement. (Comment: that was the bait to suck everyone in)


            Successive governments continue to vote away the democratic rights of the people.


            Comment: these acts of the governments are actually illegal according to the lawyers

            who study these things, and are actually said to be treasonable, the video makes the point.


            The Strasbourg Parliament is opened for 4 days every month.

            Then all of the offices are loading in to tin boxes and carted away by lorry, 300 miles away,

            to Brussels, and they stay there for 3 weeks.  This process is carried out every month

            at a cost of 100 million Euros per year.


            Norris McWhirter, Vice President of Defenders of the Realm says that,

            “It is the biggest scam in human history”, costing not billions but trillions of Pounds.


            A European constitution  is to replace the British Constitution.


            It means Loss of Independence,


            No control of Foreign Policy and Armed Forces.


            No Control over legal system and law enforcement.


            Scrapping the £ for the Euro.


            Surrender of metal and currency reserves to the European Central Bank


            Total regulation of British local and foreign trade.


            The U.K. will have no control over British Trade.


            The unfinished business of dominating Britain going back centuries will be accomplished. 

            Comment: what war did not accomplish will be accomplished in peace.


            Britain is run by faceless Brussels Bureacrats who Brits have never heard off,

            or voted into Power.

            There will be detailed control across Europe.


            Britain is to be,

            Ruled by the New Europe

            From the New Europe

            For the Benefit of the New Europe.


            Comment: I recommend that you read or listen to as available our Babylon document

            and our document about Babylon’s Bogus money. We said that it is possible to be

            imprisoned in your own country. This certainly appears to be a major part of the plan.


            The driving forces will be France and Germany.


            Comment: I believe that the main driving power will be Germany.

            In the bible we are told that the Assyrians are the rod of God’s anger.

            It is a very difficult thing to trace nations as they go through name changes.

            Even in my lifetime many countries have changed names, they have changed

            the names of their capitals, airports and streets.


            I believe that the Assyrians are the German people.

            For them to be called the rod of God’s anger they have to be an excellent punishment tool.

            In the 20th Century, twice they almost overcame Britain.

            It is only by the Eternal God’s mercy that they did not.

            From this, they are the only people whom I see that can qualify to be the Assyrians.


            Often in the bible we see the Assyrians linked with Babylon.

            I believe that this is also the case today.

            The EEC is a Babylonian plan, and Assyria is the tool being used to carry out that plan.

            Of course ultimately God has allowed it because of our total rebellion.      


            We should not forget that France was defeated in the Second World War.

            She is only secondary to Germany.


            Author Lindsay Jenkins has two books ‘Last Days of Britain’, ‘Britain held hostage’,

            These are some of her comments.


            80% of everything that goes through the House of commons and the House of Lords,

            merely rubber stamps Brussels.


            Recently the 40,000th directive from Brussels was celebrated.


            Comment: There are only 10 commandments.

            Additionally massive complex forms are actually forcing people out of business.       

            A farmer colleague of mine gave up keeping livestock as the documentation

            was just too much and too complex.

            When I was in the hospital for a little while nurses said that the ever increasing

            form filling meant that they had little time to look after patients.


            Businesses shut as they cannot cope with the bureaucracy.

            The objective is simple destroy  by paper work instead of bombs.


            Having attacked Central government, Brussels is attacking ‘Local Government’.


            In Environment, Scenery, Countryside including health and safety,

            Almost 100% loss of control.


            Fishing Almost 100% loss of control.


            Farming Almost 100% loss of control.


            Trade Policies Almost 100% loss of control.


            Britain is the 4th largest economy in the world.

            It has more trade per head of population than any other country by far.



            You cannot protest new legislation, there is no one to whom you can protest.


            Nutrient and food supplements will be banned.

            This includes such things as 1000 mg Vitamin C tablets.


            The European Parliament does not work like the British Parliament.

            MEP’s function is to vote.

            Sometimes up to 450 times in 80 minutes.


            There is an example of a single block vote on 40 amendments to a bill.

            You cannot read much less understand the documents.

             A team of civil servants draw up the lists and advise you to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,

            like monkeys you vote.

            It is a farce a sham masquerading as Democracy.


            Laws drafted by the E.U. Commission not the Euro Parliament.

            It is not elected nor ever will be.


            The E.U. commission is one of three such powerful groups.

            They are accountable to no one.


            When cornered, the lie that the E.U. is just a trading partnership  is promoted by politicians

            of all parties.


            The truth is different.

            In 2001 a market trader was convicted for selling a pound of bananas in lb and not kilos.


            British district Judge Morgan in sentencing the convicted trader,

            made the following statement.


            “ We are now living under a new legal order.

            The 1972 European Communities act was a one-off, not an ordinary treaty,

            but a new way of life. These are new constitutional powers.

            The British Parliament surrendered its sovereignty in 1972.

            European laws have overriding force with priority over our British laws…

            The articles on the supremacy of the British Parliament are now only

            of historical perspective, they are not binding”


            Constitutional expert John Bingley said:

            “ In law allegiance is owed to the Queen… and our politicians are not entitles

            top break their oaths of office.


            John Gouriet President of Defender’s of the realm, said,

            “ No government can transfer sovereignty to a foreign power either

            temporarily or permanently.


            Corpus Juris – Body of law, is to replace the British system.

            It includes scrapping trial by jury.

            You will face a state appointed judge.

            Habeas Corpus will be scrapped.

            You are liable to summary arrest without charge.

            You can be detained without charge or evidence for 9 months.

            It includes scrapping of innocent until proven guilty.

            A citizen must prove his innocence against the combined machinery of the state.

            Double jeopardy will be scrapped, that means that you cannot be tried

            for the same offence twice.


            Under EU sanction Jack Straw gave prosecutors leave to appeal not guilty verdicts.

            Technically this can be done until a conviction is obtained.


            Scrapping of non-disclosure, this means that previous convictions will be made

            available before your trial begins.


            There is no presumption of innocence.


            Under continental justice, you have no rights at all, except what the state allows.

            Under the British system you have rights.


            E.E.C officials have total immunity from everything regarding criminal law.

            Throughout the member states they have extraordinary powers, but no one knows

            quite what. They also gradually keep acquiring extra powers.


            In the U.K. we vote in MP’s, and those who govern our country, or we can vote them out,

            that is sack them if they do not perform.

            This is the core of democracy.

            It does not exist in the E.U. or in the New constitution they are building.


            The E.E.C enforces higher council taxes and higher national insurance.


            The cost of membership to Britain is £1.3 million per hour, every hour of every day,

            of every week, of every month, of the year.


            Europeans pay higher levels of tax.

            There will be

            VAT on Food,

            VAT on House Purchase

            VAT on Public Transport

            VAT on Children’s clothes

            VAT on Funerals


            There is no limit to the greed of the bureaucrat.


            There is massive institutional corruption.


            Cheap airline tickets scam.

            Airline return fare of £45 gets £800 reimbursed.

            This has been going on for 20 years.


            The whole system is rotten to the core,

            It was corrupt from the outset.


            The cost of the corruption, which was given to the House of Lord Committee

            for a single year is £6,000 million.


            The accounts have not been signed off for the past 8 years.

            Every body is too busy feathering his own nest.

            The corruption is so great that in 1998 the whole commission had to resign

            in disgrace. However, some of these very same people have now been reassigned

            to even more powerful jobs. One such person is Neil Kinnock, who is to sort out

            the dishonesty.


            The lady accountant who told Mr Kinnock that she could not sign off the accounts

            as accurate, was suspended.


            The system is so rotten it cannot be reformed.


            For the first time we will be ruled by people we cannot sack.

            Ever closer union means ever closer strangulation.


            Britain will lose control over her armed forces, and foreign policy.

            This means that British forces can be commanded by a German or French Generals,

            and there will be nothing Britain can do about it.


            The New European Army threatens NATO, which has been responsible for maintaining

            peace in Europe since it was formed.


            We are told that joining the Euro is irreversible.


            Monetary Union is a path of no return.

            There is no provision for backing out either legally or politically.


            In 1990 Britain joined the ERM, as a dry run to see what would happen when

            Britain adopted the Euro.


            23 Months of Chaos, followed.


            British Business had its worse recession in 60 years.


            100,000 businesses went bust.


            Unemployment doubled from 1.1/2 million to 3 million.


            More bankruptcies were filed than in any previous 2 year period.


            Repossession of properties increased 7 times to 32,000.


            By 1993, 511,000 people were 3 months in arrears on the mortgages.


            Britain lost reserves estimated at £68 Billion.


            Someone put it into context by asking, would you hand over your bank account

            to your friendly neighbour?


            In Germany 4.6 million unemployed.

            They cannot set their own interest rates to affect their economy.


            There is a massive unfounded pension debt of £1,300 by politicians, in Italy,

            France and Germany.

            Britain would have to pay into that.


            Britain can’t use military power to resolve the crisis, as she would not have power

            over her own forces.

            With no reserves she cannot re-launch the pound.


            It is not true to say that we have to be part of the E.U. to trade with it.

            At present it is still possible to get out, but the people have to act now.




                                   The only way out of our dilemmas is Jesus Christ.

                                                     He is the only way of escape.

                                                              Praise the Lord.

                                                        Come soon Lord Jesus.



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