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Could Iran's New "Oil Bourse" Spark a War with the US or Israel?

by Vincent L. Guarisco February 9, 2008

If tiny bubbles floating up from the ocean floor could tell tales, we might learn a thing

or two on the surface. On the heels of Iran announcing the grand opening of its new

"Oil Bourse," not many US financial institutions are cutting colorful ribbons or breaking

Champaign bottles in celebration over this announcement. In fact, Wall Street is painfully

developing acid reflex because this could very well be the beginning of the end for

monopolizing "Texas Tea" exclusively being sold using only American dollars.

In truth, this could very well plummet the American dollar deeper into the abyss

of nothingness. Having said that, strange things are surreptitiously happening on the

ocean floor with scant reporting in the US corporate mainstream news media...sneaky little devils.

Since the end of January nine (or more) major fiber optic cables on the ocean floors

have suspiciously been cut, disrupting most or all telecommunications/internet capabilities

for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. From Egypt to India and most points

in between, cable cuts in the Persian Gulf, Egypt, Malaysia and France have predominately

affected Muslim nations. Bottom line, this is keeping them "off-the-communication grid"

slowing their international markets for trade and commerce to a standstill. And,

this has delayed the grand opening for the Oil Bourse.

To no surprise in these days of worthless news reporting competing with Hollywood

Bimbo Slut alerts, little attention was afforded in the corporate media about this little tidbit.

And when it was mentioned or ticker-taped, a few lame excuses were offered, such as...

1) Was this a multiple million to one natural caused anomaly?
2) Was it a multiple ship mishap coincidently dragging their anchors along the ocean floor

causing the breaks?
3) (the unmentioned) Was it a blatant ocean espionage mission orchestrated to prevent

Iran from opening their new Oil Bourse?

Gee, I'm so undecided...

Well, after much skull scratching on my itchy, analytical head, and after a simple internet

search giving detail how the US Navy has many sophisticated submarine teams specially

out-rigged with cable cutting capability (for doable secret covert espionage missions such

as this), those tiny little bubbles floating to the surface truly found their voice for me.

However, I have to admit, I do believe part of the "bogus anchor-drag-fairytale."

It truly is unfortunate for us that real soon, US war ships will probably start launching smart

missiles and mini nukes at Iran because of nervous Wall Street investors and crazy war

hawks...and that in itself is an "anchor drag" of magnanimous misfortune

for everyone involved.

I guess you could say the proverbial periscope is now fully topside for all the world to see!

Just another day in the corporate hood watching US imperialism run amuck practically

caught with cutting torches in their hand. So much for fairness in the spirit of competition for

Iran (or others) to freely sell their goods in the global marketplace with a currency of their

choosing. Indeed, how dare they fairly compete against US interests with an oil tycoon at the

helm holding a cash register in his lap wanting to make another war killing at our expense!

King Junior will have no part of that! So says He!

Just like Iraq, I'm sure the good Lord did not whisper a soft-spoken message into the village

idiot's dementia ear for him to quickly open the Bombay doors, yet again -- heck,

I can almost hear the psycho's celestial conversation -- Yes my Lord, the communication

cables are cut and our war machine is gearing up for the wonderful crusade.

Yes God, keep the pearly gate ajar for the many floaters coming to heaven.

Yes Sir, the nukes are ready to fly like angels in the mist. Yes Lord,

The targets were laser-tagged by our Special Ops and Israel's Mossad agents

(your favored ones) over a year ago...yes my Holiness, the twins wrote a sweet little prayer

on the first fifty missiles ready to launch. They would have done a hundred (as requested)

but, the darn pen ran out of holy ink. Also Lord, Please excuse my little dumplings many

misspellings...but it's the thought that counts? Right Lord?

Humorous? I wish it was, but this a very serious matter at hand. And we're not the only ones

gearing up for the next war. Israel's been banging the war drum for some time now,

and seems adamant in taking precautionary defense measures for it as well.

The USS San Jacinto, an Anti Missile AEGIS cruiser is scheduled to dock in Haifa, Israel,

in the next day or so. Logic would suggest that such a measure would only be necessary

if you expect some incoming missiles to be launched at you from say...Iran or North Korea?

I wonder how our Commander and Thief dreamed this one up -- Hey Dick,

how will we get this wrecking-ball swinging on Iran? So many darn false-flag operations

to choose from! I wonder if some dead incubator babies floating on the open seas would stir

em up? It worked pretty good for pops, except the little suckers weren't floating in the

Persian Gulf. Or maybe I'll just order a similar bogus Gulf of Tonkin incident with

a Mediterranean twist?
Hey, that's a keeper! I think I'll name my next drink after that one. Or perhaps,

I'll just keep the press corps bombarding the sheeple with more of the same recycled rhetoric

about how Iran is sending arms to Iraq to kill US soldiers? Ha, ha, Yeah, that's the ticket

-- plus I'll keep repeating how they're enriching uranium for launching nuclear bombs

at Israel. Hmm, so much poison to choose from, I'll have to drink another six pack of Lonestar

(hic) to get my decision-cap on for this one. Gee, being a war president is so much work (burp).

Ah heck with it -- I think I'll just let Israel start the darn war -- it was after all, their idea in the first

place! I'll just let their bombers sneak in through Iraqi airspace and get this going as suggested

from ol' Ehud Olmert...

Laughable cynicism? Seriously though, history has proven time and again that the politics

of repeated fear molds foreign policy and US aggressiveness quite effectively. Yeah, think

about it, we always were suckers for a good hate object to embrace -- Kooks, Chinks,

Japs...Kill a commie for mommie...a good rag-head is dead rag-head, etc. Anything to get those

daddy war bucks flowing into the war-chest. It's called the prep-rally factor,

and it works like a charm every time.

I used to have a little hope that with all the millions of people who live in this great country,

surely by now, we would have found the grit to rise up and stop these guys.

But that was simply not the case. So why should this next fiasco be any different?

Heck, we've already swallowed so much hubris, it's sickening. For example,

look how fast we accepted the inside demolition job of September 11, 2001!

And what a superb cover-up to boot!

Truth is, I'm sure Mr. FOX news watcher will march quite orderly for Sir Dubya.

I guess we better suck-it-up and get ready to digest the next chapter of this grand canard for

Bush's famous war legacy. Hmm, are we the land of gas guzzling simpletons who love to play

games at anyone's expense? Perhaps. Games? Simon says -- attack our own nation.

Done deal. Simon says -- blame others for it. Done. Simon says -- launch two false wars. Done.

Simon says -- start a third one called "the war on terror." Checkmate.

Are we enjoying this yet? I wonder, because we have allowed these vicious power brokers

to murder with impunity three thousand innocent Americans here at home, and thousands

more soldiers abroad with hundreds of thousands civilians wiped-out globally.

Can you feel the warm embrace of Old Glory caressing your wholesome servitude?

Is Uncle Sam making you proud yet as our glorious bombs bust in air over civilian targets?

Are the power freaks among us feeling erections as the Bombay doors get ready to open yet

again in Iran and elsewhere? How pathetic...

Point blank -- painful as it may be, my once honored America has become a disgraceful nation.

My soul is worn thin from all of this -- and my participation in any future activism is winding

down for anything short of a revolution. I'm sad to say I hope we pay dearly for allowing

this rampage to continue unabated for so long. And I would add, we are dead as a nation,

and deservingly so. I'm tired of beating my head against this keyboard night after night trying

to convince my fellow citizens how stupid we are for letting these guys get away with this crap.

I truly am ashamed of myself and others. We are now the land of the enslaved.

But get ready to reap what we have sowed. A pissed-off world is recoiling at our inaction

in controlling our own leaders. And by God, we deserve it.

I welcome the world's combined effort to plummet our economy. I welcome their victory over us.

May it be harsh and swift leaving us penniless. Only then will this greedy nation full

of soggy-bottom do-nothing brainwashed minions evolve into something more deserving

of such amenities as freedom, democracy, wealth and honor. Only then, will the cycle of war

perish within our midst and the chains of corporate slavery be broken.

Only after reaping the global whirlwinds from a vengeful world taking us down in disgust,

will we finally learn our lesson. Perhaps, after the many stings of worldly whips have left their

painful scars will we sink to our knees and beg for forgiveness to live with others in peace and

harmony without selfishness as our sole motivation for survival.

God speed my world. May we pay dearly for forcing our unfettered capitalism under the black

banner of free trade to steal your lands. Forgive us for the many brilliant social experiments

in other nations we destroyed that may have evolved, had we not intervened and meddled.

Let the heavy hammer of hard justice punish my America in the name of peace for the sanctity

of world survival.


Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City AZ., a contributing writer for many

web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans.

Reprint permission is given as long as article content is not altered or changed and credit

is given to the author. Replies welcomed at: vincespainting1@hotmail.com

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