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        Who is our worst enemy?


         Now that Sadaam is supposedly dead, is it Osama Bin Laden?


        The currently popular U.S. Senator John McCain would like to shoot Osama Bin Laden.


        So who is our own worse enemy?





The caption underneath says

Halloween horror. a scarecrow and pumpkins in front of a blazing house

in Running Springs, one of the California towns being reduced to ashes.

A very clever photo.

I wonder if the writer is aware that ‘Halloween’, is just one of the many

things that is bringing a curse on the nations, and the photo says a lot more

than might have been intended.


     The View from space.



      In this photo, supplied by NASA, smoke from the California wildfires drifts

     over the Pacific Ocean in this image captured by NASA's Terra satellite

     on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 24, 2007. (AP Photo/NASA)



      A man of the moment:- Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


     Another man of the moment: Pat Robertson

       Pat Roberston Warns Of God’s Wrath

        AP - 10/15/2007 9:14 PM - Updated 10/15/2007 9:17 PM

       VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) -- The Reverend Pat Robertson says the United States

       will be "risking the wrath of God" if it forces Israel to surrender East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

       On Monday's broadcast of "The 700 Club," Rev. Pat Robertson said he's convinced that "he who touches

       Jerusalem touches the apple of God's eye." Doing so, he warned, would be "very dangerous."


       Another man of the moment: John Hagee

       John Hagee is the founder of the Christian Zionist group, Christians United for Israel.

       He is the senior pastor of Cornerstone Church an evangelical church ...


     Then there are the politicians.

       The Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Blair, Brown, etc, etc.      



      Schwarzenegger Institutionalizes Sexual Perversion

                    By Pat Shannan – American Free Press October 29, 2007

Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law four bills requiring all

public school instruction and activities to positively portray trans-sexuality,

bisexuality, and homosexuality to children as young as kindergarten.

He has also signed bills undermining marriage and infringing upon the moral

conscience of business owners, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

On Friday the 13th, Schwarzenegger signed SB 777

(transsexual, bisexual, homosexual indoctrination of schoolchildren

by requiring changes to all instruction and activities) and AB 394,

102 and 14 (transsexual, bisexual, homosexual indoctrination of students,

parents, and teachers via “anti-harassment” training).

Signing the bills was a switch for Schwarzenegger, who vetoed nearly

the same bills last year, in the midst of his reelection campaign.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered young children into the hands

of those who will introduce them to alternative sexual lifestyles,”

said Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families

(CCF), which helped lead the statewide charge against these bills.

“This means children as young as five years old will be mentally molested

in school classrooms. Shame on Schwarzenegger and the Democrat

politicians for ensuring that every California school becomes

a homosexual- bisexual-transsexual indoctrination center.”

SB 777 prohibits any “instruction” or school-sponsored “activity” that

“promotes a discriminatory bias” against “gender” (the bill’s definition

includes cross-dressing and sex changes) and “sexual orientation”

(the bill’s definition includes bisexuality). Because no textbook or instruction

in California public schools currently disparages transsexuality, bisexuality,

or homosexuality, the practical effect of SB 777 will be to require positive

portrayals of these sexual lifestyles at every government-operated school.

Otherwise, “discriminatory” schools will be subject to intimidation and

lawsuits by the State Department of Education. Under these bills,

which will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2008, the following will be eliminated

from California public schools because they are deemed to have

a “discriminatory

• Textbooks and other instruction that portray marriage as only between

a man and a woman;

• Textbooks and other instruction that say people are born male

or female (and not in between);

• Textbooks that leave out transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual historical


• Sex education and school assemblies that omit the option of hormone

injections, or sex changes;

• Homecoming king and queen contests that allow only boys to run for king

and girls to run for queen;

• Separate bathrooms for boys and girls.

“Mom and Dad” as well as “husband and wife” effectively have been banned

from California schools. “SB 777 will result in reverse discrimination against

students with religious and traditional family values,” said Meredith Tourney,

legislative liaison for Capitol Resource Institute. “These students have lost

their voice as the direct result of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s unbelievable decision.

The terms ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ or ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ could promote discrimination

against homosexuals if a same-sex couple is not also featured.

“Parents want the assurance that when their children go to school they will

learn the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic

—not social indoctrination regarding alternative sexual lifestyles.

Now that SB777 is law, schools will in fact become indoctrination centers

for sexual experimentation,” she said.

“We are shocked and appalled that the governor has blatantly attacked

traditional family values in California,” said Karen England,

executive director of Capitol Resource Institute.



            The Result is Judgment

Fires Displace Nearly 1 Million SoCal Residents

       Nearly 1 Million Displaced In State's Biggest Ever Evacuation

        POSTED: 4:58 am PDT October 23, 2007

        UPDATED: 2:08 pm PDT October 24, 2007


      LOS ANGELES -- According to estimates, nearly 1 million southern Californians have been

         displaced in the biggest evacuation in state history as a result of at least 16 simultaneous

         wildfires in Southern California.

         More than 350,000 houses have been evacuated.

         In San Diego County, one in three homes have been ordered evacuated.

         More than 1,600 homes have been destroyed, and nearly 600 square miles have burned.



         Four days of wildfires have caused the largest evacuation in California's history.







   All the men of the moment are leading their countries not only astray

   but to certain destruction and captivity. They will not know what

   has hit them. I know that they are only following orders, but the

   reality is that they are fully accountable, and are without excuse.


    The first picture said that it was like Armageddon.

    Well no it is not like Armageddon.

    Armageddon is a place and not an event.

    Today Armageddon does not look like that at all.


    I think that this looks a lot better than California, where the fires

    were being fanned by gust of up to 100 m.p.h.



      Har Megiddo, Har-Megeddon, also known as Armageddon


    Pat Roberston said that we will incur the wrath of God and many millions

    say a loud ‘Amen’ to that.

    However, they are in total ignorance and believe that lack of support for

    the nation called Israel is going to be the reason for punishment.

    No it most definitely will not be the reason.

    This is an outright lie


    The reason for the wrath of God falling upon our nations is simply because

    we are rebellious beyond belief. 

    We do our own thing and please ourselves, in the mistaken belief that we are doing

    God’s will, when nothing could be further from the Truth


    Way over 100,000 children go missing in the nations of modern Israel, essentially the English

    speaking nations plus some others, every year and end up as Satanic Sacrifices.

    By abortion countless millions of babies are murdered every year.

   Unbeknown to the mothers, these are also sacrifices to Satan.

    Satan demands blood sacrifice.

   That is why we are told that he was a murderer from the

    beginning, and he gets his ministers, political and religious to lie to achieve his desires.


   Hollywood and Disney are probably the leading purveyors of filth,

   and pornography in the world.


   We will shortly post a video of around 5 minutes on the website.

   It is in Portuguese, I do not know anything about the speaker,

   whom I believe to be a Portuguese Pastor.

   Here is the Transcript of the sub titles.



Listen well, for there are levels of satanism, witchcraft, pornography,

and spiritism present in Disney’s videos.  I will only tell you some of them tonight,

since time doesn’t allow me more, because I want your home to be free like our home was free. 


Stop and examine the cover of The Little Mermaid, in the third column,

counting from right to left, is a genital member – the male sexual member - erect.  

This video, The Little Mermaid, is a video of child pornography. 

In the background, during the singing of the words, “kiss the girl, kiss the girl,

kiss the girl”, there is a Jamaican group speaking African words to curse each and

every child who is listening to the video.


In the video “Aladdin”, if you play it in slow motion, you will hear that it says,

so quickly that you cannot hear it at normal speed, “Good teenagers take off your clothes”.


There is a video which has been causing a great sensation.

It is called Pocahontas. 

Do you know what Pocahontas means? 

It is an Indian word with two meanings: poca – spirit; hontas – abyss,

i.e. spirit invoked from the abyss.  When you utter the word Pocahontas,

you are calling the Devil to your side and to the side of your children.


This is what Disney is teaching – pornography, spiritism, satanism,

and destruction to our children.


There is a video called The Lion King.

TIME Magazine has said that it is dirtier, more perverse,

and more filled with violence than any other video Disney has produced,

that children who watch the Lion King today will be the murderers of tomorrow.

Do you know who produced the Lion King? 

It was a homosexual man who has already died of AIDS in New York. 

He was called John Smith.  In the movie, he created the lion that walks effeminately. 

When have you ever seen an effeminate lion? 

The music of the Lion King comes from Shirley MacLaine’s New Age

so the children are hooked to the screen, because the music is music from HELL,

it is dedicated to the DEVIL.  If you play the Lion King in slow motion,

when he hits his paws on the ground, the dust particles rise and in the middle

of the television screen the word SEX is formed.


And you still believe that Disney is family entertainment, for children? 

I will show you what you have never seen in your life. 

It is a report from Dr James Dobson, from a programme called Focus on the Family. 

His books are translated into Portuguese.  Mickey Mouse is presenting

the latest Disney movie.  Do you know what it is called?  Growing up Gay. 

Now Disney has created two homosexual Mickey Mouses and two lesbian Minnies. 

In this video, Disney’s spokesman invites all male teenagers to explore

the “wonderful world of homosexuality”.  That is Disney.


Michael Eisner, who owns 60% of Disney, left his wife in Burbank,

California, near where I live, and married a homosexual man

in Disney World, Florida, three months ago.


I tell you tonight, in the name of Jesus, that Disney is a satanic empire,

made with astounding precision to destroy your home and YOUR children. 

My advice is to DESTROY these videos!  Save your home from the curse of tomorrow!


   The same can be said about Harry Potter books and various material.

   It is actually cursed and you bring it into your homes and mess up your home.

   This is what former Satanists themselves have said.

    Ignore it at your peril. 


   To legalise what the Eternal God calls an abomination is just another nail in our coffin.


   We can forget about the nation called Israel for the time being, they are not the cause

   of our rebellion. We ignore the commandments of the Eternal God.

   It is a simple matter of cause and effect.

   Exactly like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Eternal God is waiting to see

   if the cup of wickedness which we carry in our hands has been filled.

   That is why Christ personally went to check out Sodom.

   I can assure you that He is checking us out individually and collectively.

   Of that there is no doubt.


   Genesis 18: 20  And the LORD said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great,

   and because their sin is very grievous;

   21  I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it,

   which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.   


   Abraham tried to save the cities with bargaining with God.

   He started with trying to save the city by finding 50 righteous men.

   The end result was that he could not even find 10.


   We are saying Jerusalem, Jerusalem!

   The Eternal God says that He is going to wipe it as a man wipes a dish.

   If you think that this will not happen again you are sadly mistaken as time will tell.


   2 Kings 21:13  And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet

   of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it,

   and turning it upside down.


   It also applies to our nations as various documents has explained.

   In our latest Rhema the Eternal God says that what is happening to the children is touching

   His heart deeply. He said that what happens to children affects Him the most.

   Therefore He is going to act swiftly.


    Mr. Schwarzenegger has the dubious dishonour of damaging himself and the state

    for which he is responsible.


    We are going to be punished like we cannot imagine.


    Imagine 600 sq miles are on fire and there has not been a terrorist in sight.

    No rogue missile, nuclear bombs etc. etc.


    I keep saying a very simple statement:- There is a God in heaven.


     I said that we are our own worst enemies.

     The vast majority of people who read the website are Israelites as opposed to Jews.


     Now when Israel were obedient the Eternal God fought their battles for them.


    Deuteronomy 1:30  The LORD your God which goeth before you, he shall fight for you,

according to all that he did for you in Egypt before your eyes;


There many other scriptures which say the very same thing.


Now what happened to Ancient Israel is going to happen once again to modern Israel

and for the very same reason, Rebellion against the most High God.


We are mind numbingly naďve, incredibly foolish and indeed ignorant, if we not only believe

that we can, but actually commit idolatry, adultery, fornication, covet what others own,

enslave, kill and torture others to control them and steal what is lawfully theirs,

and get off absolutely free.

It will never ever happen.

We will reap the reward of our awful sinful deeds.

There will be no hiding place.

No Rapture.

Most will wish that they had never been born.

What about you?


Read this carefully and fear and tremble and what the Eternal God says.

It does not get any worse than this.


Jeremiah 21:5  And I myself will fight against you with an outstretched hand and with

a strong arm, even in anger, and in fury, and in great wrath.

6  And I will smite the inhabitants of this city, both man and beast:

they shall die of a great pestilence.


     The very sad fact is that many are just born to burn.

      What about you, are you just born to be burnt?

      Unless you repent and turn to Christ, that is precisely what will happen.

      See ; What Must I Do Now?