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                         By Bill Hughes

The United States is in more danger today than she has ever been.

A secret terrorist organization has been working within to destroy America,

its Constitution, and everything for which she stands.

This book gives all the details, and shows how far this terrorist organization

has been able to progress in the destruction of America.


Comment: To America we can add the Whole World is in grave danger. p.j.

                     Absolutely essential reading.


I also recommend The Enemy Unmasked, the sister book, also by Bill Hughes.

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Chapter   1: Target: America <<< Click

Chapter   2: President Andrew Jackson <<< Click

Chapter   3: Harrison, Taylor, and Buchanan <<< Click

Chapter   4: President Abraham Lincoln <<< Click

Chapter   5: The Sinking of the Titanic <<< Click

Chapter   6: World War One <<< Click

Chapter   7: World War Two <<< Click

Chapter   8: President John F. Kennedy <<< Click

Chapter   9: The Waco Massacre <<< Click

Chapter 10: Destruction in Oklahoma City <<< Click

Chapter 11: The World Trade Center Attack <<< Click

Chapter 12: Religious Terrorism in America <<< Click

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