Jesus Is Lord




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1. Achieved is the Glorious Work


2. Anthem for Spring


3. Blessed be the God and Father


4. Father Most Merciful

5. Hallelujah - Beethoven


6. Harmony


7. Lift up Your Heads


8. New Heavens and New Earth

9. Psalm 84


10. The Lord is My Shepherd


11. The New 23rd

12. With a Voice of Singing


13. Youll never walk alone


14 If With All Your Hearts


15 Send Out Thy Light


16 Sheep May Safely Graze






These pieces have been selected from two concerts, which I conducted, in the early 1980s.

One performance was in London and the other in Northampton.

Both were free performances, in ordinary halls with simple microphones.

All these participants were, and still are, my friends,

though some are now deceased, or moved on with their lives.


There were four different and very competent pianists.

Two ladies and two gentlemen.

All the contributors were genuine amateurs.

We very much loved what we did.


My friends came from various parts of the UK for these performances.

As these were live performances, there is background noise which we can do nothing

to amend, as removing these sounds destroys the recording.

I hope that this varied selection will be a blessing to you.