God Is Live Golden

                                                                         CHAIN       Breaking All Chains      CHAIN                                                


                                                                                    Setting The Captives Free 


                           We should ALL be sighing and crying about the sad state of our world.



  These pictures are snap shots from a video. The Clintons have been visitors to Haiti

  for a long time. This is related to their witchcraft activities.  The first picture is Hilary

  being blessed by a Shaman many years ago. A Shaman is a witch doctor. 

  The slideshow pictures show some of the atrocities, which the U.S. and its stooge,

  the U.N. carried out in Haiti, years before the earthquake.

  The U.S. wants the wealth of Haiti, whilst the Haitians literally starve.

  That is why the U.S. sent battleships and troops after the recent earthquake, whilst other

   nations sent personnel and equipment to rescue and generally help

  This abomination is being carried out all around the world in country after country. 

  Fortunately the day of reckoning is loudly pounding on the doors.

  It is almost here. The question is then ‘Who Is Going To Help Them?’



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