The Temple Website www Page No 4 of 4 I have noticed Formaldehyde in some Washing Up Liquid, and also in many soaps, bubble baths etc. This is useful if you have fleas, or are a dead body, in need of preservation. Avoid Asparame, and similar products they are toxic. Avoid MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE, Coded MSG, also called accent. Avoid E number additives, artificial preservatives and artifical colours. Avoid margarine we are told that there is only one molecule different between the container, and the margarine. Therefore when you run out of margarine, you can try eating the container !! It is also said that there is more nutrition in the cardbox, which hold many cereals, than in the actual cereal. Avoid all vaccinations, they contain many harmful things such as  mercury and shark oil. Avoid Tattoos, the ink undergoes no safety tests, almost all are toxic. Page No 4 of 4 170811